Conservation Efforts

Conservation Efforts

From the time when we were young boys, our parents taught us the value of working in harmony with nature. From leaving camp sites cleaner when we left them than when we arrived, to harvesting evergreen boughs correctly, we learned to be proper 'stewards of the land'.

We strive to instill these same values in our employees and in the business relationships we enjoy. Listed below are a few of the accolades which we have earned over the years.

The Minnesota Balsam Bough Partnership

As one of the founding 'partners' of the Balsam Bough Partnership, Mickman Brothers, as well as others, were recognized by the U.S. Forest Service for our 'outstanding accomplishments in sustaining rural economic growth and promoting the conservation of the balsam resource in northern Minnesota.'

SBA 2003 Minnesota Small Businessmen of the Year Award

John and Chris Mickman want to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our employees, customers, vendors and bankers without whose support we would not achieved this honor. Thank you for choosing our company!

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry Award of Excellence

In October of 2001, John S. Mickman was presented with the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) Award of Excellence for:

  • Helping to found the Balsam Bough Partnership
  • Preparing informational materials on proper harvesting
  • Conducting Educational Workshops for Bough Harvesters
  • Implementing innovative ways to purchase & harvest boughs
  • Actively supporting the DNR Legislative efforts to promote sustainability of the balsam resource in Minnesota

The Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA)

We first became involved in the 'Green Industries' in 1975, when we founded our firm as a professional landscaping company. Soon afterward, we launched our Landscape Irrigation and Garden Center Divisions.

From 1992-2007 John S. served on the MNLA Board of Directors including two years as President. John has also served on the MNLA Foundation Board from it's inception in 2004 to present.

Rain Sensor Legislation Conservation of Our Most Precious Natural Resource: Water

Minnesota's Rain Sensor Bill: At the July 1998 MNLA Irrigation Contractors Committee meeting, John Mickman proposed, and received endorsement from the full committee to launch a revolutionary legislative initiative. Our Bill requires that all new residential & commercial Landscape Irrigation Systems in Minnesota include a rain sensor device. This device (retail price $29.95) prevents the landscape irrigation systems from coming on during, and immediately after a rain storm.

Governor Pawlenty, understanding that this is one of the most important environmental legislative measures taken in Minnesota in recent years, wisely passed this legislation into Law. The Rain Sensor Bill went into effect on July 1, 2003. This environmentally important law will save billions of gallons of potable water, and is an excellent testament to Minnesota's leading status as an environmentally friendly State.

Mickman Brothers Selected as the 1st 2004 Anoka County Community Conservationist

Mickman Brothers, Inc. was selected as the 2004 Anoka County Community Conservationist. This is the first time this honor has been awarded in Anoka County.

Cub Foods and Mickman Brothers

In honor of Earth Day in 2008, Mickman Brothers and Cub Foods sponsored an evergreen seedling give-A-way. 20,000 Black Hills Spruce Trees were given away, 250 each at Cub Foods stores and 1,000 at Mickman Brothers Garden Center.

Nursery Pot Recycling Program

In conjunction with the MNLA, we accept your used pots. These pots will either be re-used in our growing program or be chipped up for use in manufacturing other plastic products.