5 Things to Look for When Searching for the Right Fundraiser

Finding the Best Fundraiser

You don’t have to break out the lantern to search for the right fundraiser this year – we got you covered.

1. Fundraising Profit Margin
Many fundraising companies talk about profit percentages. Unfortunately for their customers, one cannot spend ‘percentages’. When evaluating fundraising opportunities, look to the dollar amount of profit your organization will earn for each sale. It is nearly as easy to earn $5 per sale as it is to earn $.50 per sale!

2. Ease of Sale
Product Likeability. Perceived Value. Timing.  These are the top three reasons people will purchase items from your members. When choosing a fundraiser consider if this is something people would like to purchase/have a need for. Then, is the product priced so that the buyers agree this is a ‘good value’. And, is the product being offered and being delivered when the buyers are in the mood to purchase?

3. Pre-Selling is Important
Most organizations do not want to get involved with a fundraiser that they need to invest in first; they are not looking for risk. Make sure the fundraiser allows your group to pre-sell items. This allows you the ability to know exactly how many items to order without worrying about having items left over at the end of the fundraiser — and without risking any money. You want a zero risk fundraiser!

4. Fundraising Sales Aids
Does the company whose product you are selling provide professionally produced, free sales brochures?  High quality sales brochures can, and should, literally be designed to do all the talking because many members will be shy about promoting the sale. Be sure you choose a fundraiser that has GREAT SALES BROCHURES!

5. State of the art Fundraising Programs
In recent years it has become more and more important to offer direct delivery of products to the purchaser, via UPS or FedEx. And, at the same time, more people each year are ordering online. Do the fundraising companies you’re evaluating offer these opportunities along with the traditional way of selling and delivering products?

“This is great, but we want to know about Mickman Brothers’ Christmas Wreath Fundraiser and how it relates!” — No problem, we got you covered here as well:

  1. 1. Fundraising Profit Margin
    Mickman Brothers offers $7-$10+ profit margins per item – but you set the price so it could be more!
  1. 2. Ease of Sale
    Who in America doesn’t decorate their home for the Holidays?!   Nearly everyone, right? So nearly every family wants one. You’re purchasing direct from the manufacturer, so there is a high perceived value; and your members are selling in the Fall with delivery in late November-early December. Perfect timing!
  1. 3. Pre-Selling is Important
    There is no risk to our Fundraiser. Your members pre sell everything and your group pays after delivery is made. You then pay only for what you have sold!
  1. 4. Fundraising Sales Aides
    Mickman Brothers provides FREE, professional Sales Aids that literally guide the buyer through the purchase. In addition, we provide free social media outreach, email and an online fundraiser with residual sales that is state of the art!
  1. 5. State of the art Fundraising Programs
    Mickman Brothers’ offers three programs that actually work in concert with each other. The Traditional Program has the most affordable pricing and the products are delivered by your members. The Holiday Gift Program is a direct delivery fundraiser offering customer the opportunity of sending Holiday Gifts to friends and family members. And, the Gift-it-Forward Program is an online fundraiser which is part of the Holiday Gift Program. All three work together at the same time!!!

What our customers are saying about our ‘Guaranteed to Succeed’ Fundraiser!
“Over the past several years, our Scouts have earned more than $15,000 to help defray the costs of summer camp in places like Seattle, Connecticut and California; high-adventure trips to hike the Grand Canyon and canoe the Colorado River; and cover the costs of Troop dues and other related expenses.  This is one of the simplest and most successful fundraisers available.Troop 379 and Arizona love Mickman Brothers!”

“If it was not for this fundraiser for our Pack we could not do most of the things we need to do.  Like training our Leaders for the Scouts. It also pays for our camping and activities.  This helps us to get the achievements the Scouts have earned without having the Parents pay for everything. Our Pack is so THANKFUL for this.  Without it we would not be able to do what we do to help them become AWSOME citizens. Thanks so much for all you do to support our Pack.”
– Jodi R. Committee Chair of Pack 3514