Finding the Best Fundraising Program for Scout Units Part 1

Boy Scout Wreath Fundraising

Below are a couple of the questions, based upon the Boy Scout Fundraising Program Guidelines, that a Scouting leader may want to consider when choosing a fundraiser to help support the activities of their scouts.

  • – Does this fundraiser reflect scout values?
  • – Does it cover the need for items outside normal budget items?
  • – The ‘principle of value received’ is critical in choosing what to sell!
  • – Quality of product – Does it preserve the reputation of the name and goodwill of BSA
  • – Quality of program – It doesn’t involve soliciting for money, gambling, raffle tickets etc

As a leader, you want to select a fundraiser that will make your members proud to call themselves Scouts! The fundraiser should reflect core Scout values, give back to the community, such as reforestation efforts, be easy to sell and something everyone has heard of or can use, and that will set you up for years to come of successful fundraising.

Next Blog, we will touch more specifically on the fundraising program itself. Does it have a high profit margin, is it easy to sell? Those questions and more answered in Part 2 of – Finding the Best Fundraising Program for Scout Units!

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Finding the Best Fundraising Program for Boy Scout Units Part 2

Troop 379

Below we discuss program specifics when choosing the right fundraiser for your Scout Unit. It should reflect core scout values but also be profitable enough so your unit does not get ‘burned out’ from fundraising multiple times throughout the year on small, unneeded items, or perishable foods.

-Profit margin – high enough to surpass your goals!

-Ease of sale – is it a product everyone would like to have? Is it mainstream and a tradition?

-Pre-selling – no investment, you should not have to pay money upfront!

-Sales aids and outreach – any good fundraiser will offer sales aids to your unit for free

-Packaging and presentation – this assures quality delivery and happy customers!

Here at Mickman Brothers we pride ourselves in our easy to use Boy Scout Fundraising Program where 100% of the profits stay with the Scout Unit! Patented packaging assures the best product around, and giving back to the community with our reforestation initiative – ‘Sustainable Solutions’. To date we have helped Scout units just like yours raise over $80 million and from those sales we have donated the funding of over 500,000 seedlings to be planted in over 40 states in the US. With over 70 years of family owned fundraising experience, we are dedicated to the Scouts and that’s why we offer the Mickman Brothers Guarantee. To find out more, discover the difference fundraising with Mickman Brothers wreaths at – giving us a call at 1-800-446-4229, or filling out the FREE info kit on the right side of this page.