Fundraising Shouldn’t be Scary…

Happy Halloween

And it isn’t scary with Mickman Brothers! Some additional free items we offer to help in the final stages of your fundraising efforts are social media outreach examples, emails, and info on putting on the best event! Below are links to some helpful blogs to help you surpass your goals – check them out! This is the last week of selling for most groups!

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8 Ways to boost fundraising on social media – (Click Here)

Of course if you need any other assistance we are here for you every step of the way. Contact your personal customer service representative for more details! 800-446-4229!

Have You Thought of Selling to…

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Let me guess… you start with parents, grandparents and maybe call or send an email to some close aunts and uncles. Then you hit the streets and go door to door to your neighbors and sell a majority as well. Perhaps Mom and Dad take a flyer to work? Then what…

The next couple weeks are the key time for your members to achieve their personal selling goals which will add up to success for your entire organization. Check in will all your members to motivate them using your leadership skills. I will make a difference!

Here are some ideas other groups like yours have used — some with amazing success!!!

  1. 1. We are online so it makes sense to start with Social Media Followers first!
  2. 2. Dentist Office, Doctor Office, or any provider with a large client base
  3. 3. Church Congregation – selling after Church on Saturday and Sunday is great!
  4. 4. The Public – set up shop at the mall, grocery store etc and hold an event
  5. 5. Coworkers – if Mom and Dad haven’t already done so, or other family work places
  6. 6. Coaches, Teachers, Tutors – people who understand the need to fundraise
  7. 7. Business Owners – they can decorate as well as buy for vendors or customers too
  8. 8. Condo/Townhome Association Offices – a lot of tenants to sell too, keep up with the Jones’s!
  9. 9. Family Realtor – He/She has many listings, all with front doors for those wreaths…
  10. 10. Your Financial Advisor – large clientele list, a way for them to say thank you as well

Are you using incentives (such as our Medallion Program) or having an Awards Meeting (Pizza Party?!) at the end of your Fundraiser? If so, remind your members that the fun will continue!!!