Top 10 Ways to Execute the Perfect Fundraising Event

Perfect Event

So you have your fundraising program set and you want to make sure you capitalize. You have read our blog post about top creative places to sell, link here, and you are ready to go out and sell more than you ever have – excellent! Here is a great list to make sure you are ready for the big events and get everything out of them you can.

  1. 1. Target Audience

Plan to sell to a large group of people and people already in the giving or shopping mindset – think grocery or home improvement store or at a mall. When doing so, be sure to offer Holiday Gift Products which are delivered directly from Mickman Brothers to your customer — your members will not need to deliver products to people that may live outside of their immediate neighborhoods.

  1. 2. Location

As previously mentioned, pick a location that has a large volume of people – more sales! Preferably a shopping location but not limited to gated communities, church, etc

  1. 3. Outreach

Plan ahead! Let everyone know on social media, put it in a local paper, hang flyers, send emails, even take out an Ad if you want! Let people know ahead of time because spreading the word will only let even more people know and get more traffic to your event!

  1. 4. Signage

Make use of our posters, flyers, etc on the day of the event so people know where to go. Also have good signage at your table so it attracts potential customers and shows you are professional

  1. 5. Table Space

Make sure to have one or two long tables (6 or 8ft) to provide plenty of space to display products, signage, and allow many customers to fill out orders at once. It becomes a hassle when there is no place to write and may cause some to walk away.

  1. 6. Staffing

For some of the same reasons as table space, make sure you have enough help at your event both kids and adults alike! Have adult volunteers there to speak to people about specifics and help set up and take down (and keep kids in line!) But also have kids outreach while you are there. The more bodies to help, the more sales will happen! SMILE!

  1. 7. FREE Sample/Promo Wreath

Countless groups agree that having a product displayed has increased their sales at events exponentially. You can show off the quality, smell, and feel of the evergreens to impress upon customers the great value they’re receiving when they order a Holiday Evergreen from your group!

  1. 8. Presentation

It is all about looking professional and fun. Professional looking signage and an organized table will build rapport with potential customers. Not only will it look more inviting, but customers will know they can trust you and they will get the correct product at the correct time.

  1. 9. Talk a good game!

Make sure your members are up to date on all the info with the program including product, pricing, delivery and more; much of this information is included in the ‘FUNDRAISING TIP SHEET’ that you received to distribute to each member.

  1. 10. Have fun!

Last but definitely not least – have fun! When people see you having fun and your event is a hit it will be contagious! More people will want to come over and see what all the fun is about, thus creating more sales! You also want to have fun with any fundraiser you do, that way each year you will look forward to it!

Now you are armed with the top ways to execute the best fundraiser. Go get ‘em! And let us know if these ideas worked for you and your group. Likewise, if your fundraising group has any ideas feel free to share them with your Customer Service Rep!

The Most Creative (and Profitable!) Places to Fundraise

Get Creative!

Looking for some of the best places to fundraise? Already made the family, neighbor, friends, and coworker selling loop and want/need more sales? Well look no further, below is a list we compiled of some of the best places to sell your evergreen wreaths! These are high volume locations with people generally in a shopping mindset already!

  • – Gated Communities
  • – Townhome, Condo, and Apartment Complexes
  • – After Church on Saturday and Sundays as people are leaving
  • – Local Businesses to decorate and for them to give to their customers, vendors, clients, employees
  • – Home Improvement Stores
  • – Shopping Malls

Some groups have had single members sell thousands of dollars in one gated community/association alone! Try these ideas this year for the best results yet! If you have any questions, or if you have a spot we forgot, don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Service Representative!