5 Easy Steps to Make Your Clients Smile

Make it Personal!

Whether you want to send 2, 20, or 200 Wreaths, we can help make it personal.

  1. 1. Determine the number of associates you’d like to remember during the Holidays (and how many points you want to score with them!)
  2. 2. Call or go to our website (insert link here)
  3. 3. Upload your client list (name, addresses, etc)
  4. 4. Create your custom holiday messages
  5. 5. Sit back and wait for your clients to smile and call

The Holiday Wreath Shop is a perfect place to choose holiday gifts to send to your clients, coworkers, and vendors alike. We make it personal by taking the extra step and including a custom Holiday Card, saving you an errand to the local Hallmark Card Stand.

Shop now at: www.holidaywreathshop.com

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Fundraiser a Success!


Today is the day for success

Whether you are new to fundraising and want to make an immediate impact, or you are a seasoned veteran looking to take it to the next level, use these proven leadership tools and watch your profits grow!

We have a bulletproof list below to help your group take your fundraising to the next level.

  1. 1. Team Work makes the Dream Work
    A dedicated, enthusiastic leader managing an engaged team is the’ #1 Recipe for Success’. As your groups’ leader, make sure you instill enthusiasm at all your meetings and engage as many members as possible. The more members that feel part of the fundraiser, the greater success you will achieve.
  1. 2. Select the right fundraiser for your group
    Do your research! Check out our blog post about selecting the right fundraiser for your group HERE or if you are a Scout Unit check out our two-part blog on ‘Choosing the Best Scout Fundraiser’ HERE
  1. 3. Set goals, and Check In
    Most people are ‘goal motivated’ and will strive to achieve their goal. A couple things are important:
  •  – Make sure everyone knows what the total goal of your fundraiser is.
  •  – Outline the benefits to the group and to each person individually.
  •  – Establish an individual goal for each member.

After your membership understands the benefits and goals, be sure to check in on each person’s       progress at your meetings/gatherings. If they know you care, they will care too!

  1. 4. Motivation, acknowledgement, achievement
    This goes hand in hand with the previous point – goals. Motivate your members with pizza parties at the end for instance, not to mention the large trip or equipment you are fundraising for. But also acknowledge achievements along the way with Mickman Brothers Medallions, Patches, and Certificates of Participation! Individuals awards are important but so is recognition of group achievement for all your members! Give them something to strive for  — and watch them go!
  1. 5. Follow up, building a base for next year
    Make sure you hold onto all your customer contact info from the previous year, that way you have a solid base to start with next year. You will be surprised at how many sales you will get from this alone! Use our fundraising envelope to help keep track and keep it in a safe place!

Now that you are armed with all the info to manage successful fundraiser, let’s get started. Go to the top right side of this page and fill out the free info kit to get more details on Mickman Brothers Christmas Wreath Fundraiser!