Where Will Your Fundraiser Take You?

Theater Booster, Holiday Wreaths

The George Ranch High School Theatre Booster club participated in the Mickman Brothers wreath fundraiser for the first time last winter. Our theatre group is small but mighty! That money allowed the theatre booster club to award two $500 college scholarships to two very deserving senior theatre students. We are so thrilled with your fundraiser that we are participating again this year and will be putting the money raised towards our trip next summer to Scotland! (Photo Above)

Cub Scout Fundraiser

Over the past several years, our Scouts have earned more than $15,000 to help defray the costs of summer camp in places like Seattle, Connecticut and California; high-adventure trips to hike the Grand Canyon and canoe the Colorado River; and cover the costs of Troop dues and other related expenses.  This is one of the simplest and most successful fundraisers available.  Troop 379 and Arizona love Mickman Brothers!  (Photo Above)


Cub Scout FundraiserOur Troop goes camping every Month plus a week long campout to Many Point Scout Camp.  The Cost of Scouting with our troop costs $586.00.  If we did not have this fundraiser the Scouts would not be able to do the activities. The products Mickmans offer are of the greatest quality.  They last forever.  I know after the fundraiser is over you can see all the wreaths hanging up from just driving from one place to another.  You know when you see a wreath hanging on a home that is came from Mickmans.

-Jodi, Troop 413

Cub Scout Fundraiser

Our choral program has sold your wreaths for years and it is always a big success.  The Holiday Gift Program is so easy and allows our students to sell to family and friends all over the country. Thanks for such providing such a great product!  The proceeds we have made from our wreath sales have allowed us to enhance our program by providing much needed equipment and memory making travel opportunities for our choral students.

-Susan, North Gwinnett Chorus Boosters


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Why Wreaths Make the Best Fundraiser

The Best!

This needs no introduction – Let’s dive right in…

    1. 1. Easy to Sell! – nearly every household in America decorates their home for the Holidays
    2. 2. High Profit – The main reason you fundraise! Profits per Wreath sale are $5 – $10 or more! At an average per member sale quantity of 10 items each, the profits really add up fast!
    3. 3. Eco-Friendly – no trees are cut down, we provide a sustainable fundraiser!
    4. 4. Kids can’t eat all the profits! – We’re looking at you food fundraisers 😉
    5. 5. Seedling donation for each Holiday Gift Product (HGP) sold – In honor of the recipient – check out your gift right here
    6. 6. Spreads holiday cheer – who doesn’t have their day brightened by awesome Christmas decor?!
    7. 7. High quality product – Doesn’t melt, not messy, lasts months, smells great, no detail spared!
    8. 8. Personal Customer Service Rep – Mickman Brothers provides a Personal Customer Service Representative (CSR) for your group, assisting you every step of the way to maximize your profits while minimizing your efforts (we understand most of you are volunteers!)

    Selling an item everyone can use and that has been around forever, makes it an easy, low effort fundraising program to participate in. Let’s start minimizing how many fundraisers you have to do every year, this single, high profit fundraiser, can make your group the most successful it has ever been.

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