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8 Ways to Boost Nonprofit Fundraising on Social Media

This may be something your group has never tried in the past – outreach on social media. Almost everyone these days has Facebook or some form of social media profile, and that is good news for your organization. If you are a business person yourself you know the benefits of marketing and advertising on social… Read more »

If Our Evergreen Gifts Were Celebrities…

Follow us on Twitter at @XmasFundraiser to join the conversation. What celebrities can you think of? We got a head start below: Spruce Springsteen Wreath Witherspoon Holly Berry A-Wreath–a Franklin Wreath-it Ralph Victorian Beckham Mini Me Tree Keeanu Wreaths Liam Wreathson Wreathanna (Rhianna) Beyonce Noel-s Judy Garland (psh..easy) Seth Winter-Green Floyd MayWREATHer Wreather Sutherland Tag… Read more »