Mickman Brothers were Awarded the SBA of Minnesota in 2003. John and Chris Mickman want to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our employees, customers, vendors and bankers without whose support we would not achieved this honor.

Thank you for choosing our company!

  • Our commitment to our employees, our customers and our community.
    Every year the SBA selects one company in each of the 50 states & that states business of the year. This award exemplifies that companies professionalism, integrity, and level of commitment to their staff, their customers and their community.
US Small Business Administration letter to Mickman Brothers business honor goes to wreath makers









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Ever wonder how all of this got started? In January 1934 Grandma Mickman makes a wreath which 12 year old John V. Mickman sells. This launches the annual Mickman Family Wreath Tradition. Grandma continues to make and sell wreaths until she was 90 years old. Learn more