Customer service at Mickman Brothers needs to be top notch!
We feel one of the most important steps needed to achieve this mission is to provide the maximum level of personal assistance possible to each and every volunteer Fundraising Chairperson.

To this end, we assign each Chairperson to their personal Customer service rep to work with them each step of the way through their Fundraiser. With this assistance, each volunteer Chairperson has the confidence required to manage a successful Fundraising Program that will enhacne the important activities of their organization!

Susan Pruitt – Customer Service Manager
susan Because most of our wreath customers are ‘volunteers’, working with them closely to ensure their success is paramount at Mickman Brothers. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer support, and Susan does an excellent job with ‘her customers’. In addition to her responsibilities with her own clients, Susan also works with our other CSR’s to ensure that that all our clients have the tools necessary to ‘minimize their effort while minimizing their time’. Being a very detailed person, Susan’s customers can expect prompt, professional assistance throughout their Fundraising Program. And of course, like all our CSR’s, Susan is an extremely friendly person and ‘fun’ to talk to. Susan Pruitt
direct number:
extension: 227
Tammie Keller – Customer Service Representative
Tammie has worked with our Fundraising Chairpersons for over 3 seasons now – making her a perennial expert at guiding ‘her customers’ to leading a successful Christmas Wreath Fundraiser. Many of Tammie’s Chairpersons have shared some awesome ‘secrets for success’ with her which she loves to share. All of Tammie’s customers love her cheerful demeanor and look forward to the opportunity of discussing fundraising opportunities with her.

Tammie is also a ‘Horticultural Wizard’ in landscape gardening in Minnesota. So if you want to talk gardening with her, this is one of her favorite subjects — as well as Fundraising with Christmas Wreaths!

Tammie Keller
direct number:
Jessica Kolk – Customer Service Representative
Jessica’s many years of experience as a Customer Service Rep have proven to be invaluable as she works as a professional Fundraising Consultant with our many nonprofit organizations to maximize the success of their Fundraisers.

Her positive demeanor and professional communications skills are a real asset as Jessica works with Chairpersons on their Fundraising Program. Do not hesitate to consult with her regarding FREE ‘Promo Wreaths’, fundraising strategies and details of shipping/delivering your orders to you!

Jessica Kolk
direct number:
extension: 243