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High School Band Fundraiser

  • New Instruments for High School Bands

    New instruments can be so costly and in a time when just having a high school band is hard on the school’s budget, obtaining new instruments is almost always out of the question. Many parents can not afford these instruments so that leaves the cost up to the band itself. Wreath fundraising is a great way to raise the funds.

  • New Music

    New music might not be the only reason you need to find fundraising companies for schools & your high school band, but it is likely a contributing factor. Learning the classics is important and helps teach children the various styles of music. We want to get them excited about music. One of the best ways to do this, is to have current, up to date music that kids know and love.

  • New Band Uniforms

    Many high school bands are also the marching team for sporting events such as football games. This means that not only does the band need instruments and music, they also need costly uniforms. Fundraising to help pay for these expensive uniforms can mean the difference between having uniforms, and a band playing at this weekend’s football game, and not having a marching band at all.

  • Fundraising Sales Aids

    Does the company whose product you are selling offer any helpful items or sales aides? These can be a great way to sell the items because sales aides are usually professional and offer a great way to showcase the items you are selling. Professional photos work so well when it comes to selling! We offer free sales aides as well as online tools to assist the fundraising chair person.

  • High School Band Competitions

    Many high school bands can join in on competitions but these competitions usually have entrance fees and of course there are traveling fees involved as well. These traveling fees can be anywhere from just getting the kids all a few cities over, to long distance travel which will require large buses, hotel accommodations, food and so much more. While competitions seem like a costly event that shouldn’t be done, the amount of pride and accomplishment that it gives the children is literally priceless and something they will remember for many, many years to come.

  • New Music Stands

    You just can’t learn to play music if you have nothing to hold the music while you play. This is where music stands come in, but just like so many other things, these can be expensive but are also a much needed item for the success of the band. There are many fundraising companies for high schools, but we have 40+ years experience in helping High School Bands achieve their fundraising goals.

You do a great job… thank you.

Penny GalliaglyPack 217Florida


Our greens are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for another successful fundraising campaign. We use this fundraiser to benefit the foodbank of Southern VA. We can always count on making $500 to support their Thanksgiving fund drive. We also have been growing as a group, so hopefully next year will be even bigger and better!

Have a Great Holiday! Will be talking with you NEXT SUMMER!!!!

Thanks Again,

Jacki Gerber

…We have received the greatest compliments on the products we got from you!
Merry Christmas to you all.

Cathy M.Troop 79 PAPennsylvania