• * There is no risk with Mickman Brothers wreath fundraiser program
    * High profitability
    * Online fundraising tools
    * Patented, protective packaging
    * Rewards programs* Professional, personalized assistance


Orders For Christmas wreath fundraiser Wreath Fundraising Program Bulk Shipment of Christmas Wreaths Delivering Christmas Wreath And Receive Payment Achieve Fundraising Goals
Members take orders Fundraising Chairperson consolidates all sales and submits the orders to Mickman Brothers. Mickman Brothers ‘bulk-ships’ your products to a single, specific delivery address. Members deliver orders and collect payments. Your organization has reached their fundraising goal!

Benefits of the Traditional Fundraiser

Lower Prices for your customers – you are buying direct from the manufacturer! Higher sales for your organization because of the low cost and high value of the products. A profit margin of $7-$10 per product ensures that your profit add up fast with each sale! A full assortment of evergreen products provides your fundraiser customers with a product selection that is perfect for their home, office or apartment. Fundraising is a valuable learning experience for your members. They will be involved in each stage of the fundraiser and feel they are contributing directly to the success of their organization.


Customers are able to write a personal message to the gift recipient. Mickman Brothers takes care of the rest!
Holiday Fundraiser Order Form Fundraiser Payments You have reached your fundraising goal Trees are planted in honor of your customers
1. Your customer completes a Holiday Gift Order Form, writes their personal message on the greeting card and makes payment for the gift at the time of ordering. 2. Order forms and payments are turned into the Fundraising Chairperson that then turns everything into Mickman Brothers. 3. Mickman Brothers processes the orders and sends the gifts via FedEx.Your organization has reached their fundraising goal! 4. Mickman Plants trees in honor of gift recipients.

Benefits of the Holiday Gift Fundraiser

Your members sell even more products. Your customers will make a purchase for their home AND purchase another product as a Holiday Gift for an out-of-town friend or relative. There is less work for your members because FedEx delivers the products – not them! The handwritten Greeting Card message lets your customer send their holiday wishes in a very personal manner. Our Holiday Gift Products are an excellent value compared to other mail order products offered on the internet, catalogs or periodicals. A tree is planted in honor of the Holiday Gift recipient.


Another great opportunity to ‘Maximize your profit while minimizing your effort!’

Using the unique fundraising website MickmanHolidayGifts.com the recipients of the Holiday Gift Products your members sell are invited to ‘GIFT IT FORWARD’ by sending a Holiday Evergreen Gift to one of their friends. When doing so, $8.00 will be rebated to your group!

Ask your Customer Service Rep for details on this Mickman Brothers Wreath Online Fundraiser which is unparalleled in the industry!