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Thanks for your years of wonderful service and quality products. I really appreciate you going above and beyond to help me. Best Wishes to the entire Mickman Family for continued success and growth in 2007.


Mr. Mickman,

We have enjoyed selling your wreaths since 1997. Last year we did not participate because of Hurricane Katrina. Our school was flooded and we were not able to reorganize our scout troop until January. 90% of our members were flooded out of their homes.
I corresponded with our sales associate at Mickman and explained our situation. Now a year later we have rebuilt our troop to about 1/3 of what it was and look forward to participating in the Mickman Wreath Fundraiser. I have already placed our order for sales aids and will have an order for you before November 1st. In your letter you stated that you were disappointed to lose our business last year. WE were disappointed that we couldn’t GIVE you business last year.

Thank you for the price reduction to kick off our fundraiser and continue our relationship for years to come.

Larry F. Troop 80 New Orleans

Just wanted you to know that we have had some preliminary feedback on the centerpieces and everybody loves them!! They really are pretty. The candle is much nicer than it appears in the picture!

Jane B.Cub Scout Pack 336

A merry Christmas to you all too. It was a pleasure to work with your company in our fundraising efforts. I was very pleased with everything from the informational packets to the end. Never has it been so easy!!! Thank you again.
Thanks again for everything!
Dixie M

Dixie M.Dance TeamEau Claire, WI

We love your company and look forward to a long term relationship with you. Thank you.

Melissa Hock

Thank you for another great year with your staff and products! Our youth group benefits from the proceeds to help offset costs for missions trips, conferences, and mostly building unity through Christ! We are looking forward to selling again next year!! Blessings to the staff at Mickman Brothers!

Stephanie and Michael RauertCalifornia

Thank you! This was our first ‘out-of-the-facility’ fundraiser, and it was the easiest and the best! You all really made it easy and realistic for us to accomplish. We will truly do this again next year. Please sign us up for the early start and delivery. Thank you just does not seem to quite be enough, but what else could I say? The wreaths are spectacular, we loved having the shipping option, and of course the ease of the whole program is fantastic!!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

J. WegandAssisted LivingGeorgia

Dear Mickman Brothers,
I have just completed your survey on your products and potential new products. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for our amazingly successful fundraiser for Boy Scout Troop 1501, Springfield, Virginia during the 2005 holiday season.

I had done a limited fundraiser with your company in Pennsylvania in 2003, and was impressed with your product. When I received your fund raising packet, I took it to the Boy Scout Troop that my son belongs to here in Virginia. The committee voted to do the fundraiser with the profits all being designated for new troop equipment. I set a goal of $1000. Since this was a first time fundraiser for this troop, I felt that was an attainable goal.

Well, your product was a great seller! We held sales at the Church that sponsors the troop after services on two Sundays. We also purchased a table at the Church Bazaar and sold wreaths. Additionally, the Scouts sold to families and friends. The troop goal was surpassed and we took in over $2500 in profit for the troop! Our troop was able to purchase 5 troop tents, troop cooking gear, tables, tarps, canopies, and other much needed equipment for our growing troop. We are still using the money to purchase equipment, which is really needed now that our troop has just gained 20 new scouts!

The most important reason I am writing this letter is to personally thank Susan Ablan for her amazing customer service for our troop.

Susan saved the day and made our fundraiser a great success when it could have ended in confusion and frustration. She surpassed all our customer service expectations with her actions and assistance. Please give her our thanks and let her know we will be continuing our recommendation of Mickman’s Fundraisers to everyone we know. We look forward to our next fundraiser with Mickman’s and hope we will be seeing some of the new products you are considering adding to your product line.


Cathy H. Troop 1501Virginia

You have made my Christmas when the beautiful wreath arrived at my home.
Thank you so much for maintaining the high quality your family stands for. You are appreciated.

M. PettinosOhio


And also my favorite customer service person in all of “Mickman-Land!”
– Just because I have only dealt with you. I am sure your entire team is wonderful.

Troop 47 Salutes YOU!

Peter Cruikshank Troop 47 Florida
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