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Our greens are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for another successful fundraising campaign. We use this fundraiser to benefit the foodbank of Southern VA. We can always count on making $500 to support their Thanksgiving fund drive. We also have been growing as a group, so hopefully next year will be even bigger and better!

Have a Great Holiday! Will be talking with you NEXT SUMMER!!!!

Thanks Again,

Jacki Gerber

We have used your company for our Wreath and Greenery Fundraiser for several years now and we love the company and the products. Our customers expect our continued offering of your products! How can we let them down? We have been able to support the efforts of our Cub Scouts and now they are growing to a TROOP! We are proud to offer Mickman wreaths and greenery to our friends and family at the holidays. Thanks for being part of our growth and future as we learn skills that will carry us forward as successful businessmen and leaders.

Vicki L. LucasTroop 333New Jersey

…I would like to take this time to say thank you for the beautiful job on the wreaths and sprays. They arrived in great condition…the packing of the wreaths with the use of the tubes prevented any damage to the wreaths, and the smell was wonderful upon opening the cartons.

I received many complements on your wreaths and sprays and realized that we should have ordered an additional 25 or more for customers who wanted extras. (Another organization in town was also selling wreaths, but their price and quality did not compare to the ones the Boy Scouts had sold from your company.)

Selling your wreaths and sprays was an excellent first-time fundraiser for our Boy Scout Troop and they were will received by all. The group made a larger profit than we had originally anticipated.

Deb SaboTroop 32North Dakota

To Mickman Brothers — et al,
I wanted you to all know that for Christmas I got a centerpiece delivered from your company as a gift from my Nephew and family. It was beautiful when it came and continues to look as fresh as the day I got it. I liked all the little touches of decorations and especially appreciated the fact that a portion of the gift was an evergreen planted in my honor. I don’t know whether you hear it enough but thank you for the beautiful gift of your art and nature. It has been really appreciated.

Linda Grandfield Ohio

All of our customers loved your products. Thank you for providing a quality product and wonderful sales team.

Jan Dye Michigan

Thank you for consistently making a quality product and creating sales aides that are easy to follow and easy to understand! See ya in the Fall!

Robin CarterUnited Methodist Church Florida

Thanks Betty for going above and beyond the call of duty during our 2004 Wreath Fundraiser. Please accept this token of our appreciation. Enjoy!!!

B. Clippinger Troop 50Missouri

It has been a pleasure working with Mickman Brothers for the past 18 years for the 5 different organizations I’ve been involved with. Keep up the good work.


This was a great way to earn extra money for our organization! We had a great experience with your organization and were very pleased with the product you offered.

Monica SeversonMinnesota

Our Troop recently completed its fifth annual fundraiser selling Mickman Brothers wreaths and door sprays. And once again, our efforts were successful, especially considering that ours is a small Troop….

The materials you send are professional, concise, clear and accurate. In those few times I have needed to call your office for one reason or another, everyone has been friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. I cannot imagine how you could possibly make a fundraising sale any easier for the organization involved.

Moreover, your product is terrific. Each and every wreath and spray we sell arrives fresh, is packed will…the counts are accurate…and the shipment always arrives precisely when you promised it…

Jim SluzewskiTroop 327Ohio
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We believe ‘The difference is in the details’ – and take pride in protecting the high quality of our fresh Christmas Wreaths. Our wreaths are suspended in our patented cartons to keep them from being crushed. The support design increases the strength of the carton by 300%!

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