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You do a great job… thank you.

Penny GalliaglyPack 217Florida

I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed my Christmas wreath this year. We bought it from one of the fund raiser here in Allen,TX as I do every year. I just now have taken it off my front door and it’s just as fresh as when I got it. I am placing it in my garden for mulch. Thank you again for such a wonderful product.


GaylaAllen, TX

Carol: Good morning! I wanted to let you know that I rec’d the sample wreath on Thursday and it is beautiful! When I opened the box I was flooded with the a deep sense of Christmas..oh the smell was wonderful….I closed my eyes for a brief moment I could actually see my childhood memories of my family trudging through the snow to pick out our Christmas tree. Thank you for allowing these types of beautiful memories to occur each time someone opens up a specially created item by your company.
Thank you,

Michele B.Florida

Thank you for another great year with your staff and products! Our youth group benefits from the proceeds to help offset costs for missions trips, conferences, and mostly building unity through Christ! We are looking forward to selling again next year!! Blessings to the staff at Mickman Brothers!

Stephanie and Michael RauertCalifornia

This was a very pleasant experience for me and we will definitely be using Mickman Brothers again next. Thank you so much for the awesome service.

Patricia Leach

I would like to thank Mickman Brothers, Kye Olsen, and the whole crew at Mickman’s for the excellent wreath products that we received this year for our yearly sale. The quality of your products far surpasses that of other wholesalers we have tried in the past and guarantees that our customers will buy from us again in the future. Being able to tell a potential customer that they will be getting a wreath from Mickman Brothers is a definite sales aid. Your quality product has once again allowed several of our Scouts to earn all the money they will need for their next year of scouting.

Steve KrengelTroop 733 Minnesota

I have been doing fundraising for 35 years. Never, and I do mean never, have I ever found a company that made it so easy to run a program as Mickman.

Even a 1st timer would have a successful campaign because of your marketing and planning materials.

You have taken a family tradition and made a lot of things possible for a lot of organizations by the money they raised.

The new products are great, and the home delivery line is even better (some apartments don’t allow door wreaths).

Looking forward to working with you for many years to come.

Pat BoglerIllinois

Mr. Mickman:

I purchased one of your Christmas wreaths from my grandson’s Cub Scout pack in Austin, TX. I simply had to tell you how pleased I am with the product you provided. The wreath arrived in splendid condition. It was fresh and beautiful. I especially appreciated the insert with instructions for the use and care of the wreath and the greeting card you provided for my grandson Matthew to sign. I hope the boys do this fundraiser again next year. If they do, I’ll be sure to sign up! Thanks for a great product and what was, for this customer at least, great service!

Marilyn Jennings

Just wanted to let you know how highly we think of your wreath fundraising program. We received our order exactly on time and our buyers were so pleased with the products. We heard so many comments about how the wreaths (and everything else) were so much nicer than expected.
Our profits were $500 +/- than we had planned and we still had people asking for more. We have already decided to do your fundraiser again next fall!

Thanks again for the great service and the beautiful products. We look forward to working with you again next year.

Joanne SteigerSoftball, Inc.Indiana

…Thanks for all your help you have given me these past few years with the wreath fundraiser; it has been a great pleasure. Your website and fundraiser tools helped make it go so much easier. Don’t change anything, just keep making it better as you always do!!

Becky AndrewsTroop 209Indiana
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Each of our highest quality fresh evergreen holiday decorations are enhanced each seasonally to ensure excellent sales at a high perceived value. We have five product lines & choices of wreath sizes, PLUS our Holly Berry Holiday Gift Tree.

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We believe ‘The difference is in the details’ – and take pride in protecting the high quality of our fresh Christmas Wreaths. Our wreaths are suspended in our patented cartons to keep them from being crushed. The support design increases the strength of the carton by 300%!

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