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This was our first year selling and it was a pleasure doing business with your company. Just wanted to let you know that the wreaths, centerpieces, swags, and living trees were absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait until next year in hopes of a larger fund raisers now that everyone got to see how great your products are.

Doreen D.Band ParentsPennsylvania

Thanks for working with Troop 70, and many other youth groups and helping to make it possible for us to have a unique and worthwhile program.

p.s. The wreath sale will help us earn money for a trip to Japan this summer.

C. BakerTroop 70 West Virginia


And also my favorite customer service person in all of “Mickman-Land!”
– Just because I have only dealt with you. I am sure your entire team is wonderful.

Troop 47 Salutes YOU!

Peter Cruikshank Troop 47 Florida

Our Troop recently completed its fifth annual fundraiser selling Mickman Brothers wreaths and door sprays. And once again, our efforts were successful, especially considering that ours is a small Troop….

The materials you send are professional, concise, clear and accurate. In those few times I have needed to call your office for one reason or another, everyone has been friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. I cannot imagine how you could possibly make a fundraising sale any easier for the organization involved.

Moreover, your product is terrific. Each and every wreath and spray we sell arrives fresh, is packed will…the counts are accurate…and the shipment always arrives precisely when you promised it…

Jim SluzewskiTroop 327Ohio

Mr. Mickman,

We have enjoyed selling your wreaths since 1997. Last year we did not participate because of Hurricane Katrina. Our school was flooded and we were not able to reorganize our scout troop until January. 90% of our members were flooded out of their homes.
I corresponded with our sales associate at Mickman and explained our situation. Now a year later we have rebuilt our troop to about 1/3 of what it was and look forward to participating in the Mickman Wreath Fundraiser. I have already placed our order for sales aids and will have an order for you before November 1st. In your letter you stated that you were disappointed to lose our business last year. WE were disappointed that we couldn’t GIVE you business last year.

Thank you for the price reduction to kick off our fundraiser and continue our relationship for years to come.

Larry F. Troop 80 New Orleans

We loved your products & packaging & look forward to working with you again in 2007.

CarolynSouth Carolina

hank you for all your help and assistance in making Troop 161’s wreath sales a success. The special order of seven wreaths made it to Clemson just in time. The memorial ceremony was a great success. Thank you Tara for all your individual help and assistance.
Happy Holidays!

Matthew WetselBSA Troop 161South Carolina

We have used your company for our Wreath and Greenery Fundraiser for several years now and we love the company and the products. Our customers expect our continued offering of your products! How can we let them down? We have been able to support the efforts of our Cub Scouts and now they are growing to a TROOP! We are proud to offer Mickman wreaths and greenery to our friends and family at the holidays. Thanks for being part of our growth and future as we learn skills that will carry us forward as successful businessmen and leaders.

Vicki L. LucasTroop 333New Jersey

Thanks to you for all your help this year. Everyone loved the excellent products. We will definitely be back next year.

Have a great new year!

Neil J. SoftballNew York

I would like to thank Mickman Brothers, Kye Olsen, and the whole crew at Mickman’s for the excellent wreath products that we received this year for our yearly sale. The quality of your products far surpasses that of other wholesalers we have tried in the past and guarantees that our customers will buy from us again in the future. Being able to tell a potential customer that they will be getting a wreath from Mickman Brothers is a definite sales aid. Your quality product has once again allowed several of our Scouts to earn all the money they will need for their next year of scouting.

Steve KrengelTroop 733 Minnesota
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