Add-On Order
Case Quantities
Traditional Program Program
Data Sheet or Fundraising Data Sheet
Delivery Address
Door Hanger Notices
Fundraising Poster
Greenzit Treatment
Holiday Fundraising Organizer
Holiday Gift Program (HGP)
HGP Greeting Card Order Forms
HGP ‘yellow’ Organizational Worksheet
Late Order Program (LOP)
Sponsored Fundraising Group
Tally Spreadsheet

    • Acknowledgement – It is very important to carefully check your Order Acknowledgement when it is received. If there are any mistakes on the Acknowledgement, it is the responsibility of the customer to immediately contact their CSR to make the correction. Acknowledgements are ALWAYS emailed to the Chairperson. If the Chairperson does not have an email address, a copy will be mailed.
    • Add-On Order – If an addition to an organizations order is needed after we have begun processing Final Orders, the customer may submit an Add-On Order by submitting this form either Online, by fax or by mail. Add-On Orders are considered a separate order from the original Final Order. As such, they will be sent separately and invoiced separately. Shipping rates for Add-On orders will be greater than the published Shipping Costs because these smaller orders are more costly to ship.
    • Case Quantities – The products sold as listed on the Wholesale Price List are bulk priced, not retail priced. As such, orders must be received in full CASE QUANTITIES, not retail quantities. SORRY, orders for less than full Case Quantities are not accepted.
    • CSR (Customer Service Representative) – Each Fundraising Chairperson is assigned a professional Mickman Brothers CSR to assist them during the Fundraiser. We encourage the Chairperson to consider their CSR as their ‘Co-Chair’ to assist them in achieving ‘maximum profits with minimum effort’.
    • Traditional Program – Utilizing this Program, an organization sells the products then orders them using the Final Order Form or the On Line Store. All the products ordered are ‘bulk’ shipped to the delivery address specified on the Fundraising Data Sheet.
    • Program – This exclusive fundraising opportunity is used in conjunction with the HGP. In essence, when a recipient of a Holiday Gift Product receives their Holiday Evergreen Decoration, they are invited to visit our online store to purchase a gift for a friend or family member. When doing so & using the organizations CUSTOMER ID# (COUPON CODE), they receive a $3 discount on the product and $5 is automatically donated to the sponsoring organization .
    • Chairperson – Each Fundraising Organization needs to specify one person to be the ‘contact person’ for us to work with during the Fundraising Campaign. Typically the Chairperson is the driving force during the fundraiser working with one or more persons on the Fundraising Committee to promote its success. The Fundraising Chairperson is responsible for all communications with Mickman Brothers Inc.
    • Data Sheet or Fundraising Data Sheet – The Data Sheet serves as the order form for a customer’s Sales Aids. It also establishes a Ship-To Address, a Preferred Week of Delivery and payment terms.
    • Delivery Address – This is the location that the Bulk Orders are shipped to. If this address is different from the Chairpersons address, we need to have a contact phone number for the person in charge of receiving the order.
    • Door Hanger Notices – These brightly colored Notices can be used to notify your customers that it is time to re-order their favorite, traditional evergreens! Don’t lose a potential sale to another organization’s sales efforts.
    • Fundraising Poster – Posters work well as an excellent attention getting device if you are planning on selling at your community shopping center or grocery store. We have an attractive, full-color poster available to our customers to enhance their sales effort!
    • Greenzit Treatment – For our ‘warm weather’ customers in the South, we recommend that we apply Greenzit to their products. Greenzit is both an anti-transpirant and a green dye that holds the moisture in the evergreen materials and adds a slight green colorant to maintain a fresh look to the wreaths, sprays and garlands. Check the current Wholesale Price List for pricing.
    • Guesstimate – One week prior to the Nov. 1st Final Order date, we encourage our customers to submit an order Guesstimate. We do not in any way consider this guess on your part to be a final order. We utilize this information to double check our supply of raw materials and our Production Scheduling to ensure that we can produce and deliver the customers’ orders on time.
    • Holiday Fundraising Organizer – Our custom 3-ring binder will keep all of your fundraising materials in one convenient place for you to use during your fundraiser. It’s yours free when you sign up for our Holiday Fundraiser, complete with colorful tabs to keep you on track and ensure your success!
    • Holiday Gift Program (HGP) – Using this Program, 6 different holiday products may be individually ordered by the customer and sent to themselves or another person as a gift. Included with each individual product is a Holiday Greeting Card that is personally written by the sender. The price for each of these products includes the cost of shipping each product individually to the recipient.
    • HGP Greeting Card Order Forms – All HGP’s are ordered on individual Order Forms which are also a Holiday Greeting Card. Each form has a UNIQUE BAR CODE on it. For that reason, these forms cannot be duplicated and submitted as our scanning computer will not accept them and they will be returned to the Chairperson to be completed on an original HGP Greeting Card Order Form. If more forms are required by the Organization, please contact your CSR and we will be happy to supply more to you.
    • HGP ‘yellow’ Organizational Worksheet – This form is to be completed and submitted when the Organization sends the individual HGP Greeting Card Order Forms to Mickman Brothers. A check or Credit Card payment in full for the HGP’s ordered must accompany the Worksheet and Greeting Cards when they are submitted. HGP’s that are submitted late are not guaranteed to arrive by Dec. 11th.
    • Late Order Program (LOP) – For those customers that cannot submit their Final Order on Nov. 1st, the LOP allows them to submit their order later, on Nov. 15th. All LOP orders will be delivered during the final Preferred Week of Delivery, Dec. 5th – Dec 9th.
      • Sponsored Fundraising Group –  These groups include scouting organizations, church & school groups, athletic organizations, 4-H groups, etc. that have an affiliation with a larger, sponsoring business entity. For groups that do not have this type of affiliation, credit will need to be established or we require payment in full with the Final Order.

We have very liberal payment terms for customers that are Sponsored Fundraising Groups.

    • Tally Spreadsheet – This valuable spreadsheet assists the Chairperson to keep an accurate count on which members are selling, how many of which items each member has sold and how much ‘profit’ each person has earned for the Organizations. It also is an easy way to ‘tally up’ the final quantities that are pre-sold so the Final Order Form can be completed more accurately.
  • Treasurer – Each Fundraising Organization must specify a person as the Treasurer for the Fundraiser. Both the Chairperson and the Treasurer are responsible to make sure payment in full is made to Mickman Brothers for the products ordered. The Treasurer must be a member of the Fundraising Organization or larger sponsoring business entity and cannot be a member of the Chairpersons family.