Classic Wreath

Red Velvet/ Brushed Gold Bows

We do not offer a plastic bow

We feel that a plastic bow detracts rather than enhances the Wreaths and Sprays.

Our Bows are carefully hand tied, one at a time, using a unique red velveteen material with a brushed gold backing. This is the ribbon we use on all of our 25" and 28" Wreaths and Sprays. You can see from the picture how attractive the combination of red velvet and gold really is.

Our 36", 48" and 60" Wreaths have the same velveteen material on the front, with a red satin-like backing.

All of our Bows are hand-tied and pre-fluffed. Each one is as perfect as it could possibly be.

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Jingle Bells

ConeAnother value-added innovation form Mickman Brothers makes a more profitable fundraiser for your group.

Your customers won't be able to resist these shiny musical bells which festively accent the white-tipped pinecones on every wreath and spray. When your customers open their doors during the Holiday season, they and their guests will be greeted by the soft, musical sound of six shiny Jingle Bells.

Each set of bells is securely wired to the pinecone. Our glossy metal Jingle Bells are completely weatherproof, unlike holly berries which cannot withstand rain and may fade or crack.

After the holidays are over, your customers can save the pinecones and bells for use in decorating their homes in future years.

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Decorator Delivery Bags

BagThese sturdy bags are properly sized for delivery of all our 25 & 28" Wreaths, Sprays, Living Trees, and Centerpieces.

As a convenience to your organization:

  • The "handled" design of these Bags will make delivery of your orders easier and more professional. (This is especially true for those products delivered in an office setting.)
  • These Bags provide a convenient way to deliver the Wreath,  EZ Hanger, and Lights in the same package. No more losing or forgetting of the EZ Hangers & Lights.
  • Our delivery bags eliminate the issue of dropping balsam needles inside of cars and vans.

As a convenience to your customers:

  • The wreath & spray instructions will assist your customers in caring for their products to keep them looking fresh and nice for as long as possible.
  • The Decorator Delivery Bags are perfect for presenting our evergreen products to others as a gift!
  • These Bags are reusable for wrapping and transporting gifts to Holiday gatherings, and as a bag for disposal of gift wrapping paper during the holidays.

We do not put Wreaths or Sprays in these Bags before shipment to you.

Fresh fruit and foliage is always packaged in ventilated containers. Because plastic does not "breath," and we value the freshness of our products, it is impossible for us to put our products in these Bags during storage/shipping of your order.

Our Wreaths are shipped in our Patented Wreath Carton. The Decorator Delivery Bags are properly sized to allow you trouble-free insertion, and you will not have a problem with short-term storage of the products in the Bags.

Your cost per Decorator Delivery Bag is 45 cents for a color bag and 35 cents for a black and white bag.

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Wreath EZ Hanger

Earn additional profit with no extra effort!Hanger

Offer your customers the convenience of installing their Wreath within seconds without the use of nails, tape, or wires on their doors and siding. Our Wreath EZ Hanger is unlike anything else on the market, and at a price that can't be beat.

  • Soft durable plastic resists scratching or marring of doors and door frames
  • Anti-sway design holds the Wreath steady while the door is opened and closed
  • Holds Wreaths, Sprays and other door holiday decorations
  • Two base widths for a sturdy hold on most doors
  • A handy tool all year long - hang hats, coats, the bathroom towel...

Your Cost . . . . . . . . . Only $1.25
Selling Price . . . . . . . . Only $1.75

You earn an additional 50 cents!

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Christmas Wreath Light Set

Dazzling accent lights add just the right amount of twinkle to your customers 25" Wreath or Door Spray


  • Automatic Time Controller features 6 hours on & 18 hours off. (Example: turn on at 6pm. Lights turn of Midnight, then on again the next day at 6pm!
  • Small flexible wire is easy to hide and allows for effortless installation on Wreaths, Sprays, and Centerpieces.

Your Cost . . . . . . . . . Only $3.25
Selling Price . . . . . . . . Only $3.75

You earn an additional 50 cents!

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