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If Our Evergreen Gifts Were Celebrities…

Follow us on Twitter at @XmasFundraiser to join the conversation. What celebrities can you think of? We got a head start below: Spruce Springsteen Wreath Witherspoon Holly Berry A-Wreath–a Franklin Wreath-it Ralph Victorian Beckham Mini Me Tree Keeanu Wreaths Liam Wreathson Wreathanna (Rhianna) Beyonce Noel-s Judy Garland (psh..easy) Seth Winter-Green Floyd MayWREATHer Wreather Sutherland Tag… Read more »

Top 5 Outreach Examples to Boost Your Fundraiser (Hint: All Free!)

Another way Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser is helping you put on the best fundraising program ever this year is providing free social media outreach examples for you to copy or download. Examples are listed below and you find most of them here – (Your Profile!) 1. Facebook Post – Photo, small verbiage, call to action… Read more »