Tree farm1962 - Dad at the tree farm

Picking pine cones1965 - Picking pine cones for the wreath business

Corporate office1977 - Corporate Office

Mickman History

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Born in 1896, our grandmother, Johanna Mickman, was born and raised in a small village on a Fjord in Norway. Her mother would have Johanna go into the woods to gather evergreens from which she fashioned a wreath each year. As she got older, Johanna's mother showed her how to make the Christmas Wreath they would display on the door of their cottage home each Christmas.

Our grandmother took this tradition to her home in St. Paul where she and grampa raised their 3 children, Dorothy, June and John V. Mickman.

January 1934 Grandma Mickman made a wreath which 12 year old John V. Mickman sold. This launched the annual Mickman Family Wreath Tradition. Grandma continued to make and sell wreaths until she was 90 years old.


1946 Back from 'The War', John V. started college - partially financed by his own wreath business as well as from the GI Bill.


January 1950's John V.'s young children, John S., Mark, Jim, Jody and Chris, began helping both dad and grandma with their wreath businesses. Primary tasks included summer 'pine cone picking' in the Black Hills of South Dakota, harvesting boughs and 'helping' with deliveries.


1960's The Mickman kids began work with their father on the newly acquired Christmas tree farm. They were to have planted 40,000 trees per year for over a decade on these farms.


January 1975 John S. & Chris Mickman decided to start their own company; Mickman Brothers Landscaping.

June 1976 The brothers started the automatic, underground, Lawn Sprinkler Division.

September 1976 John V. sold his part time Christmas Wreath Company to Mickman Brothers. All 15,000 Wreaths were sold in the Twin Cities.

May 1977 John S. purchased a farmstead from which Mickman Brothers operated for 10 years.

January 1979 Mickman Brothers earned the first Landscape Irrigation Award from Toro. Seven additional awards would be earned over the next 20 years.


November 1981 First wreaths are shipped to customers outside of Minnesota.

August 1985 Ham Lake property purchased. Plans were initiated for expansion to this new location.

May 1986 Move to Ham Lake Facility was completed. Garden Center opened.

May 1989 Golf Driving Range opened.


June 1990 Mickman Brothers obtained a patent for our new Wreath Packaging Container. This revolutionized wreath shipping and enabled safe shipment of wreaths to out-of-state customers.

October 1994 Balsam, MN Wreath Plant opened.

1995 John and Chris Mickman received an award from the US Forest Service for helping to found and sustain the MN Balsam Bough Partnership.

May 1995 Purchased Chisholm, MN Wreath Plant.

September 1995 John and Chris earned the 'Rural Community Assistance Award' for their work in the conservation of Minnesota's Balsam Tree resources.

June 1997 Purchased St. Francis, MN Wreath Plant.


March 2000 Mickman Brothers broke ground for expanded facility in Ham Lake.

Januray 2001 Construction of our new Ham Lake facility was completed, establishing Mickman Brothers as the premier provider of green industry goods and services in our community.

March 2001 New garden center opened.

August 2001 John S. had a near fatal motorcycle accident. He was in a wheelchair/crutches for the next 15 months.

November 2001 John S. received conservation Award from the MN Department of Natural Resources

April 2003 - John S. & Chris Mickman were selected by the SBA as Minnesota's Small Businessmen of the Year.

September 2004 Community Conservationist Award was presented to Mickman Brothers for their past, and ongoing efforts to promote responsible use of our natural resources.

2005 Soil correction to additional 5 acres of Ham Lakes facility was accomplished to allow for future company growth.

August 2007 Construction of a new 13,000 square foot greenhouse was completed to house our growing perennials and annuals for the Garden Center in the spring and summer months. It is also used to facilitate the expanded growing of annuals and perennials.

October 2007 John and Chris resolved to begin the tradition of planting an evergreen tree for each Holiday Gift Wreath which is sold during the 2007 Wreath Season and in future years.

November 2007 After three years of the 'Hedberg Experiment' both parties decided it would be best to part ways. Steve Hedberg opened his own location about 5 miles from Mickman Brothers in Andover, MN. We wish him and his fabulous company 'all the best!'.

December 2007 Hedberg Aggregates expanded to its own north Metro location, not far from Mickman Brothers!

2008 Construction of the 9,000 square foot shade structure not only enhanced the Garden Center but also provided quality space for short term storage of 48" and 60" wreaths.

January 2008 Chris Mickman was elected President of the Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce.

July 2008 Construction of a new 15,000 sq. foot production greenhouse at Ham Lake.

December 2008 Chris Mickman assumed the new responsibility of Division Manager of the Landscape Design/Build business.

January 2008 John S. Mickman was named as a Director to Village Bank

July 2009 Jeff Latterell joins Mickman Brothers and begins operating Irrigation Consulting ICG, to assist specifiers with design and specifications for larger commercial construction projects.


March 2010 Mariah Mickman returns from working as an Arborist in New Zealand to open an new Division at Mickman Brothers: Landscape Care. An expansion of the loading docks at our St. Francis Wreath Production Plant facilitates much easier and more efficient shipping and receiving.

July 2011 A 4,800 sq. ft. expansion was made onto our Growing Greenhouse to accommodate current and future growth. The beautiful Cranberry Splash Christmas Wreath is added to our Fundraising line of products. A huge success!

Spring 2012 The earliest Spring on record vaults the company to one of the best years we have ever had.

January 2013 Jake Holter is promoted to Manager of the Landscape Division, Meg McLean is hired to operate the Garden Center, and Chris Mickman assumes the Director of Business and Client Development role.