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Twin Cities Tree Care/Landscape Manangement

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'Our mission is to provide our customers with the best products and services in our industries by enabling our employees to contribute to their full potential.'

Mickman Brothers provides a variety of services to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

With proper care, a professionally designed and installed landscape will become an important part of your family's lifestyle.

Protect the Investment in your Landscape

Proper care is needed to grow all the plants within the landscape to their full potential:

  • Trees, large and small, need trimming.
  • Shrubs need pruning
  • Perennials require Spring and Fall care

These tasks and many more are needed on a consistent basis or even the finest landscape will decline.

Landscape Care Services

Our team of Certified Arborists and horitcultural experts have been trained to provide a menu of services to ensure that your landscape is properly maintained. Many of these tasks require the expertise of a trained professioinal to be certain the job is done right the first time:

  • Tree Trimming or Tree Removal: Recently planted trees need to be pruned properly to ensure that when the tree matures, its branching structure is strong and true. This is critical to the long term success of each tree. For mature trees, it is important that the crown is open to allow for proper circulation of air through the trees branches. Concentrated branching can result in the loss of large limbs or the entire tree collapsing during strong wind storms.
  • Tree Fertilization: All trees, large and small, need to be fertilized to ensure vigorous growth and overall health. Fertilizer injections or other techniques will provide the nutrients necessary for your trees to achieve the maximum growth of these long term assets.
  • Shrub Pruning: Will prevent them from overgrowing which in many cases will result in the replanting in the years to come.
  • Planting Beds: Proper fertilizing, applications of weed preventing herbicide and fertilization will ensure that these important parts of your landscape will be vibrant and pleasing year round.
  • Spring & Fall Cleanup: These semiannual tasks make a huge difference to the look of your landscape. Besides the removal of leaves and other garden debris, proper 'remulching' is essential to prevent excess weeds and will also keep the soil in these beds cool and moist.
  • Disease & Pest Prevention: Many varieties of trees are currently 'under attack' by a host of invasive issues. The following treatments, and more, will ensure prevention from these invasives:
    • Emerald Ash Bore(EAB)
    • Dutch Elm Disease
    • Oak Wilt
    • Bronze Birch Borers
    • Apple Scab
    • Pine Swafly
  • Preventative Spraying: Pine shoot worms and ornamental crab funguses are just two of the treatments we offer to prevent unsightly damage to these landscape trees.

For most homes and businesses, we recommend an annual audit of the landscape to provide you with the information necessary to ensure the health and vibrancy of the landscape. Please contact us now to make an appointment to meet with you to make the most your landscape has to offer!

Serving: The Metro area, Edina, Eden Prairie, Medicine Lake, St Louis Park, Richfield, Hopkins, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Maple Grove