A letter from Carl's Sprinkler & Lawn Service

 Dear Valued Customer,

We are sending you this letter today as the 2016 spring season approaches to inform you on our recent change to Carl's Sprinkler & Lawn Service.. We will no longer be continuing on as Carl's Sprinkler & Lawn Service. A After much consideration and with great confidence, we haev chosen to turn over our business to Mickman Brothers Inc. All of the notes of your sprinkler system will be given to Mickman Brothers to make the transition smoother, as if they already have serviced your system.

Mickman Brothers Inc. has been in the irrigation business since 1976, they have a very well staffed office to be able to handle all the volume of phone calls and e-mails and full time technicians to provide you with fast service.

We would like to thank you for your past years of support and business. After being in the irrigation industry for 30 years we hope you choose to continue on with Mickman Brothers as your irrigation service provider since they have been in the industry longer than we have.

Included is a welcome letter from Mickman Brothers Inc. with their contact information.

Thank you,
Carl's Sprinkler & Lawn Service LLC

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