About Our Fundraiser

Quality, Integrity, Craftsmanship

Our corporate campus in Ham Lake (as pictured above) is the facility where nearly all our Holiday Evergreens are produced. The greenhouses make wonderful, bright production space around which the warehouse, loading docks and office support personnel are nestled.

Why Choose Us As Your Holiday Fundraiser?

The Mickman Brothers’ approach to holiday fundraising really defines why so many people fundraise today. Our comprehensive program is second to none, and our hand-made, in-house, fresh evergreen products allow for proven, successful fundraising opportunities where you can have fun along the way.

Our products have a high-profit margin allowing for most to use Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser as the only fundraiser their organization uses all year long!

Our motto is “if we wouldn’t put the wreath on our door, we wouldn’t expect you to either.” That’s why we have the Mickman Guarantee. Quality and Integrity are synonymous with Mickman Brothers. After hand-crafting and hand-cutting our products, we closely inspect every wreath that goes out our doors. If your product arrives in a condition less than what we expect, we will replace it at no cost.

From Mickman Brothers products to fundraiser programs, we make it all about you and your members. We break down the barriers of fundraising to make it less of a project, and more of a fun experience. We make it more efficient, satisfying, and — most importantly — profitable.

Some of the Groups We Work With:

We are proud of the success of our fundraising groups. Read what they have to say.

We continuously refine the meaning of fundraising, harmoniously connecting the experience with the products, and offering new opportunities, such as our industry-first online fundraising, and mobile selling app/sales aid.

We can’t wait for you to join the Mickman Brothers family this holiday season and Discover the Difference to making your fundraising group more successful than ever.