Corporate Gift Giving Etiquette

Trying to decide who to give a gift to, and how much to spend? Don’t worry we’ve got your back – here are our tips for giving a corporate gift below:

Who – The best answer would be everyone.. if possible, you never want to leave anyone out, especially with ‘cooler talk’. Try to keep track of who gives you a gift, and at the very least just a list of all employees and vendors so if you do send one to everyone you don’t forget that one person! Even people like your phone, internet, consultants, janitorial, etc – think of everyone!

What – This is 2 fold. First, make this gift personal whenever possible. People always want to feel like they are special and not just another one in line, and rightfully so. We should appreciate every single person that puts time, effort, and their life into the business. Luckily, our Holiday Gifts come with a custom Christmas Card with your personal message on it!

Secondly, when choosing a gift, make sure it is something everyone could use, but isn’t too general. Make sure it is a well-known item with either a long tradition or just been around a while. Another item to tie into that piece would be making sure it is general enough to be sensitive to religious or personal beliefs. Also be careful with food – there are a lot of allergies, diseases, and healthy diets people have these days that if you chose the wrong thing could be hazardous!

Where – Choosing a gift that can be directly delivered to the home or office is an absolute must. If you are close with the employee/client/vendor delivering to the home would be acceptable, if there is any question, the workplace is always a safe bet. Anything else – probably not advised. Even better if the shipping is free! *hint *hint

When – This is kind of a no-brainer, when is the best time to give gifts?! During the holiday season of course! Double win if they have a birthday in those months too! In a corporate environment the holiday season usually falls at the end of the year when you can tell the company did a great job and now it’s time to show the employees, clients, vendors etc that they did as well and reward them and their family with a token of your appreciation.

How – Feel prepared? Good, head on over to (Holiday Wreath Shop) or call or email to order your holiday gifts today. It is quick, easy, and we’ll handle the rest from here.

Happy Holidays!

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