Eco Friendly Gift Giving Guide

Mickman Brothers specializes is sending fresh, live Holiday Evergreen Products for our customers via FedEx in all 48 States! For many reasons, the vast majority of our customers are returning customers:

Most important is that you can rely on us for quality products – Holiday Gifts that you can be certain will reflect how important the recipient is to you. Mickman Brothers has developed processes and packaging over generations that have proven the finest in the industry year after year. Repeat business is what we rely on (and maybe you too!) — and the vast majority of our customers are those who purchase every Holiday Season.

Purposeful Gift! What other product could you choose for a cherished family member, best friend and/or business client that is affordable and will be truly appreciated??? When you send a fresh, beautiful Christmas Wreath, it will be displayed on their front door throughout the Holidays accompanied by a festive Holiday Greeting Card with your personal message. Many of our customers make giving a Holiday Evergreen an annual tradition!

Sustainably Harvested Evergreens: When purchasing  Mickman Brothers Holiday Evergreens, you are assured that trees in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin are NOT cut down  or damaged in the process; they are simply given a ‘haircut’ to allow for new growth in the years to come.  We have been harvesting balsam boughs in many of the same forests for generations. How is this possible? Because our Harvesters are properly trained to harvest is such a way so as to be able to do so again in 4 – 5 years.

Hand crafted and supportive of youth – Mickman Brothers employs hundreds of local workers each year to produce these great Holiday Gifts AND supports a network of thousands of nonprofit organizations nationwide to support their activities. Some of these organizations are probably right in your community! Scouts, church youth groups and schools utilize our Fundraising Program to fund their activities each year.

*Bonus2 gifts in 1. Arguably one of the biggest parts of our sustainable fundraiser is the fact we fund the planting of a seedling in one of our nations’ forests for every Holiday Gift Product sold, furthering our sustainability goals. To date over 650,000 evergreen seedlings have been planted in 49 States through our Nature’s Holiday Gifts reforestation planting initiative.

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