Fun Fundraising Facts!

Fun Fundraising Facts:

1. No Risk! With our Christmas Fundraiser, you do not need to prepay or order any minimum quantities. All products are presold and paid for after you have received payment from your customers.

2. Maximize your profit! You set your own prices. Our customers make from $5 to $10+ for each item sold.

3. Minimize your effort! All bows come pre-attached onto all our Wreaths and Door Sprays. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we are the only company we know of to do so. No hassle or mix-ups.

4. Dedicated assistant. You will be assigned a personal customer service rep (CSR) dedicated to your organization that will be by your side every step of the way!

5. Online store. With our “gift it forward program“, we provide an online store for you to earn even more profit with virtually no effort. Ask your CSR for details on this first and only of its kind program.

6. Full line of products! After test marketing many products over the years, we now offer only the best selling items which provide the highest profit margin. Three different styles of wreaths in multiple sizes has always been a winner!!! And our sprays, centerpieces and tabletop Christmas trees all sell like hotcakes!

7. Patented packaging. Our beautiful holiday Evergreen decorations really are the best in the industry. And when packaged in our patented cartons, you will be assured they will arrive fresh and fluffy, not suffocated in plastic bags and smashed together in overstuffed boxes!

8. Freshest products! Our Evergreen products are made fresh daily, in-house, all season long assuring the best quality and freshness around!

9. Meaningful Awards– Medal medallions, certificates of appreciation and dated patches are available to award your group members in thanks for a great fundraiser.

10. How are we doing? We value your opinion! Each year after the fundraising Season we publish and E-survey to get feedback for the following year. Many changes are due to customer feedback. You all rock!

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