Top 10 Ways to Show Gratitude To Your Client

Good customer service doesn’t end when the interaction with the customer has finished. Expressing your gratitude afterward shows them their business with you is not taken for granted. It shows you care.

  1. 1. This is KEY:  The more sincere … and the more genuine your ‘thank you’ … the better your customers will respond to you.
  2. Make it personal – the more personal, the more value felt
  3. Make it fresh, and make it alive!
  4. Give them a shoutout – social media, bulletin, publications, any way you can
  5. Follow up call, email, outreach saying Thank You and asking if they need any other assistance or questions
  6. Host a party with a parting gift!
  7. Hand written custom note
  8. Help them learn something (about you or not!)
  9. Reward them
  10. Send them a gift during the holidays

Make sure you reward your clients this Holiday season in any or all of the ways above. Happy Holidays!

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