Top 5 Outreach Examples to Boost Your Fundraiser (Hint: All Free!)

Another way Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser is helping you put on the best fundraising program ever this year is providing free social media outreach examples for you to copy or download. Examples are listed below and you find most of them here – (Your Profile!)

  1. Facebook Post – Photo, small verbiage, call to action and link
  2. Make a Youtube Video!
  3. Email friends, family, relatives, co-workers
  4. Additional Social Media Outreach such as Twitter Posts
  5. Promote around town, at industry meetings, expos, events, gatherings, local papers

In your online profile you will find an example Twitter post, Facebook Post, and a sample email. Some of the Facebook ‘flyers’ can be used as office flyers or handouts around town as well! We hope this is a great boost to your fundraiser – let us know how it works for your group and what fantastic ideas you came up with! Contact your CSR and let us know what ideas that work for you!

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