Top 5 Ways to Motivate Members and Reach New Heights!

We get it, sometimes your members just need a little boost. Many of our customers use our fundraiser as their only one all year because of our high profit margins and quality products and programs. You also want your members to be excited and have fun with it! That is why we have compiled proven list of ways to motivate members to reach new heights in your fundraiser! And, if you have some ways you and your group have used with success, please share!

Beginning Incentives – Setting a plan and reaching small goals along the way such as a pizza . A fun little prize for who sells the first wreath or achieves their individual sale goal will get the group members out the door quicker than ever! If you are using our Medallions as part of your rewards program, make sure your members understand the levels to reach the Bronze, Silver and Gold achievement ranks.

Individual Goals – Friendly competition! Whether each member sells 10 items or 30 items, part of being organized as a group, is being organized as individuals. The TallySpreadsheet (Sample Spreadsheet Click Here) we offer as one of our electronic ‘tools’ within our website, has proven to be an easy way for your members to see their progress as well as assisting you in keeping track of your total sales.

Group Goals – Of course this is obvious as a group goal would be what you are fundraising for, but a side group goal is always a nice incentive like that pizza party I talked about earlier. It gives them something fun to shoot for along the way.

Final Meeting/Fundraiser Award Ceremony – Free, downloadable Certificates of Participation for reaching their goals, as well as medals seen above for top performers who meet or exceed their goals. Also available are Achievement Patches  — awesome motivational tools! Fundraiser Award Ceremony also is a great way to hold your final meeting for the fundraiser. It allows you to stay organized, see what works and what didn’t, and prepares you for next year!

Seedling Donation – For every Holiday Gift Product (HGP) sold from your group, we fund the planting of a seedling in our nation’s forests, 500,000+ trees to date in 42 States! Each seedling is planted in the honor of the gift recipient (See Here!)! This is one of the ways we work together with you to give back, and one of the ways your members can feel proud about selling HGP’s. We all want to rebuild our forests and make sure they thrive for years to come; what better motivation is that?!

A fundraising event should be fun, exciting, and provide a future for your group. The more fun you have with it, the more you will sell, and the more opportunities your group will have for its future! Did we miss anything? Let your Customer Service Representative know what works for you!

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