From the time when John S. and Chris Mickman were young boys, they worked in their Grandmothers and fathers’ Christmas Wreath Businesses. It was during those years that ‘the boys’ learned the value’s of making quality products, harvesting balsam boughs sustainably and learning to work with customers in a positive manner.

In 1975, John and Chris founded Mickman Brothers as a Landscaping and Irrigation company. In 1977, the brothers founded their own Christmas Wreath Company following the family traditions of entrepreneurship and making Christmas Wreaths. Basing their company’s core values of high quality products delivered on time with superior customer support, the Wreath Business flourished, and has become one of the largest Christmas Wreath manufacturing companies in the nation.

To this day, John Mickman manages the Christmas Wreath business and works on the production floor each and every day to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. He stresses during every Friday Employee Meeting, that ‘every single wreath we make will go on someone’s mothers front door. Make sure that every wreath each of you make is would be one you would be proud to display on your mothers front door’.

Chris Mickman manages the burdensome task of organizing the hundreds of Balsam Bough Harvesters to supply us with the hundreds of tons of evergreens required during the manufacturing process. Boughs arrive to us from dozens of ‘Buyers’ in 5 states — all orchestrated to arrive fresh daily for our production teams.

We have recruited some of the finest and most talented employees for each of our operations. Pre-production begins each April when we begin the processes of tying nearly 3 million jingle bells on 1.5 million pine cones and crafting hundreds of thousands of hand-tied bows. These employees are the ‘core’ of our evergreen production season, working as Department Supervisors, Team Leaders and are the best ‘Makers’ each season. These employees are the leaders for all of our seasonal manufacturing employees. We are proud to report that nearly 80% of these Season Workers return each year for during our short, 8 week Evergreen Manufacturing Season.

We remind all of our employees throughout the year that our company is not our buildings, trucks or equipment. Our company is our people. And with these hard working, dedicated employees, we feel we have the best Christmas Wreath Company in the Nation!



Key Administrators & Managers:
Executive Committee:
CEO John Mickman
President Jeff Sutter
Vice President Chris Mickman
CFO Wendy Mickman
Division Directors and Department Managers:
Wreath Division John Mickman
Landscape Division Chris Mickman
Irrigation Division John C Mickman
Garden Center Division Meg Mclean
Land. Mgmt Division Mariah Mickman
Marketing Administrator Adam McGuire
IT Administrator Brad Berthiaume
St. Francis Plant Mgr. Michael Kaupp
Ham Lk Production Mgr. Berta Gonzales