Professional Customer Support

Each Organization has Customized Assistance!

Our Fundraising Coach Team

We understand that all of the organizations with whom we work have a volunteer Fundraising Leader. Our goal is to ‘Maximize your Profit & Minimize your Effort’. We encourage these Leaders to consider the Fundraising Coach assigned to them as a part of their Fundraising Committee, to work hand in hand to help you and your members maximize your profits!

  • Rose Berthiaume

    Team Leader

  • Mayra Pantoja

    Fundraising Coach

  • Drew Osipenko

    Fundraising Coach

  • Jill Lange

    Fundraising Coach

  • Katelyn Magadanz

    Fundraising Coach

  • Brad Berthiaume

    IT Administrator & HGP Department Manager

  • Andrea Gorecki

    Gift-It-Forward Coordinator

  • Cianna Quien

    CSR Support