Cub Scout Fundraiser

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Hundreds of Volunteer Groups like Cub Scouts nationwide use our ‘Guaranteed to Succeed Cub Scout Fundraiser’ each year to finance the activities of their cub scout troops.


Profit Margin on Cub Scout Fundraiser

When choosing your cub scout fundraising program, you want to look at the amount of profits or funds you will raise per item. The item needs to give you enough of a return to be worth selling. Decide how much you need to raise and then figure out how many of each item you will need to sell to make what you need.

Earn high profits from $5-$10 per product when choosing Mickman Brothers holiday wreaths for your Cub Scout fundraising!

Reforestation Efforts

When you choose Mickman Brothers for your Christmas Cub Scout Wreaths Fundraiser, not only are you choosing a fundraiser that will “maximize your earnings while minimizing your effort” – you are also supporting a program to assist in reforesting our country!

Patented Packaging

Packaging can sell a product again next year. You don’t want the packaging or how the items arrive to be hard for either your cub scouts or your customers. Our innovative carton makes sure wreaths are never crushed or damaged.

Fundraising Sales Aids

Does the company whose product you are selling offer any helpful items or sales aids? These can be a great way to sell the items because sales aids are usually professional and offer a great way to showcase the items you are selling. Professional photos work so well when it comes to selling! We offer free sales aids as well as online tools to assist the cub scout fundraising leader.

jams band“ Our pack was one of the first packs to do the holiday fund raiser. Cub Scout Pack 419 loves the community impact of sharing the happiness of the season with the customers! We raised over $7000 this past year and the fun and the Holiday & Christmas spirit is evident in our picture with Santa in our cub scout uniforms!”— Cub Scout Pack 419
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Ease of Sale

Some things are just easier to sell than others. Make sure the item you choose will be easy to sell to people in your area. Make sure the items match the economical ability of the people in the area you are going to sell in. Everyone loves big, pricy items to use as fundraisers because they raise the most funds, but if people can’t afford them, they won’t buy them and you won’t raise the funds you need. The quality and affordability of products from Mickman Brothers will make it easy for scouts to sell!


You don’t want to get involved with a cub scout fundraiser that you need to invest in first. Make sure the fundraiser allows your boy scouts to pre-sell items. This allows you the ability to know exactly how many to order without putting money out on items you don’t need. You want the risk of fundraising to be minimal so pre-selling is key and a great reason to choose Mickman Brothers!

A Wreath Fundraiser is a great choice for Cub Scouts:

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