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    • “This was our FIRST YEAR selling Christmas wreaths for our boy scout troop and we wanted to pick a reputable company that would maximize money coming in to our fundraiser. Mickman came in #1 as our choice.

      Ok, there was one problem though . . . . . When other people saw how awesome the wreaths, living trees, and candle centerpieces were as we were delivering to those who ordered them, they wanted some too.

      THANK YOU MICKMAN for a successful fundraiser! Can't wait to do it all over again this year.”
      — Laurie L., AZ Grand Canyon Council Boy Scout Troop 88
    • “It has been a pleasure working with Mickman Brothers for the past 18 years for the 5 different organizations I’ve been involved with. Keep up the good work.”
      — Dave, Maryland
    • “Hello,
      A merry Christmas to you all too. It was a pleasure to work with your company in our fundraising efforts. I was very pleased with everything from the informational packets to the end. Never has it been so easy!!! Thank you again.
      Thanks again for everything!”
      — Dixie M., Dance Team, Eau Claire, WI
    • “This is a fabulous Fundraising Opportunity… quality, products and service. We would recommend you to everyone looking for unique opportunities to fund that special group trip! Thanks again!”
      — Kim, Missouri
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