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Putting The Fun In Fundraising for 4 Generations!


– A personal message from: John S. Mickman, Co-Founder/CEO


Since we were boys, my brother Chris and I worked in our grandmother’s and father’s Christmas Wreath Businesses. Even back then in the 1950’s, their wreath businesses were almost exclusively geared toward supporting the fundraising efforts of volunteer organizations.

One of the lessons I learned early on was that our family business was to do ‘all the heavy lifting’ of the wreath business, and to make the fundraising efforts for our customers as easy, fun and profitable as possible. From those lessons, I coined our key Mantra:

‘Maximize your Profit; Minimize your Effort!’

Around this Mantra, we have developed our Fundraising Program to be the best and most supportive in the Fundraising Industry, with a full line of unique Holiday Evergreen Products that are easy and profitable to sell.

Now in our 4th generation, thousands of fundraising organizations in 49 States rely on our ‘Christmas Wreath Fundraiser’ annually, which in most cases, generates all the funding necessary to support their yearly activities.

As the Team Leader for our family’s Christmas Wreath Business with over 60 years’ experience, I can honestly say that no one does this better than we do. I take pride in the results we have achieved in the success of our customers and pledge to do all we can to make your Christmas Wreath Fundraiser the best fundraiser you and your organization have ever had!

Some Individual Success Stories:

  • Troop 70, WV: “Over the years, Mickman Brother Christmas Wreath Fundraiser has made it possible for your troop and its members to visit places like Japan, Iceland, Germany, England and Netherlands.”
  • First United Methodist Church, CO: “Our little church can always count on over $1,500 profit from Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser which helps keep the lights and heat on for seniors around our community.”
  • Homer Hockey, AK: “Last year we raked in almost $16,000 in just two weeks in a town of less than 5,000! Nearly every home and business had a wreath!”
  • Troop 33, MN: “By selling Mickman Brothers’s Wreaths, we were able to fund our troop for the whole year – this is the only fundraiser our troop does!”
  • Staunton Rotary Club, VA: “The funds raised by Mickman Brothers Fundraiser bought over 500 dictionaries for the school systems and allowed us to donate over $6,000 in grants to local community organizations.”

At Mickman Brothers, we are proud of the success of our fundraising groups. Read what they have to say.

See what makes our wreath fundraising different:

  • Personal Customer Support: All our customers are volunteers. We understand this and have committed to assigning each Fundraising Leader a ‘personal fundraising advisor’ – our team of Customer Service Reps to work with each customer every step of the way!
  • FREE Samples: Each Fundraising Organization is entitled to receive a sample Christmas Wreath to assist them during their fundraiser. These samples are used by most groups for selling at community events, after church services, etc. to generate additional sales.
  • FREE Fundraising Leaders Guide: Each organization receives a 3-Ring Binder which clearly outlines the steps necessary to manage a successful Christmas Wreath Fundraising Campaign.
  • Our Holiday Gift Program (HGP): No other company in the Fundraising Industry has a ‘direct delivery’ program as well developed as ours. And our Gift-it-Forward online fundraising site is unparalleled in the industry as an enhancement for the HGP.
  • Highest Quality Evergreen Products: All company’s say their products are the best. In our case, this is true. We deliver the freshest, hand-crafted wreaths packaged in our custom, patented packaging to ensure that each wreath you receive looks as full and fresh as the day we made it. And, all the rest of our packaging is custom designed to protect each of the fresh evergreens we supply to you.

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