School Fundraising

Easy, Convenient, and Profitable Fundraising

Hundreds of Schools nationwide use our ‘Guaranteed to Succeed Fundraiser’ each year to achieve the needs of their School and school groups!

Acheive Your Fundraising Goals
100% of the profits you earn stay within your School! Fundraising Program, you choose the price you want to charge for each product. We recommend a mark-up of from $6 – $10+ per item so you can choose the prices you feel will work best in your community for your local school community.

With the Online Fundraising Program, the profit margin is pre-set to $8 per product. Everyone who shops on our fundraising website: using your group’s customer ID (acting as the fundraising code) – $8 from every product purchased will go back to your group!

Online Christmas Wreath Fundraising Program

How it Works!

Utilizing the two programs together – the Traditional Fundraiser and the Online Fundraiser – will be the most successful approach! Your payment is not due for your Traditional Program Products until the conclusion of your Fundraiser and you don’t handle any money while using the online fundraiser! There is no risk! Simply outreach for both fundraising options, and watch the profits come in!

Ease Of Sale For School and PTA Groups

Holiday Evergreens are easy to sell. Your School, school group, or PTA will be offering a high value product (no middle-man) of a product that nearly homeowner in the country would like to have on their front door, to help welcome home friends and family for the Holidays. Almost everyone purchases a wreath for the holidays anyway, why not have them support your Sea Scout group while they are at it?!

Fundraising With Reforestation Efforts
When you choose Mickman for your School Fundraiser, not only are you choosing a fundraiser that will “maximize your earnings while minimizing your effort” – you are also supporting a program to assist in reforesting our country!

Years ago, we also recognized that these forests provided our company and customers with a valuable resource. In 2007 John & Chris Mickman made a commitment to fund the planting of an evergreen tree for each Holiday Gift Product we sold. To date, Mickman Brothers has funded the planting of over 800,000 tree seedlings in 49 States.

Easy, Convenient, Profitable

The three most important needs for a school volunteer searching for the best fundraiser for their school, school group or PTA. Whether it is a sports group, band, club, pta, or pto, any leader and committee wants an easy fundraiser that is profitable – we get it!

With Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser, you get all 3. With little effort to put on this holiday fundraiser, it is as easy as possible. It is convenient because you don’t handle any product, money or paperwork, and best yet – it’s profitable! At $8 profit margins, you’d have to sell a lot of candy or other nick-knacks to raise that much money!

Custom School Fundraising Scout Fundraising Sales Aids

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ When your members are offering our Holiday Evergreen Products to their customers, they are using our FREE, highest quality Sales Aids to assist them in making the sale, featuring schools and PTA groups just like yours. We feel our Sales Aids and other brochures are the best in the industry, and can be delivered digitally or physically.

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