High School Orchestra Fundraisers

Mickman Brothers, Inc. is a top national fundraising company for school orchestras.


Orchestras have been using our high school fundraisers ‘Guaranteed to Succeed Fundraiser’ each year to finance the activities of their group.


High School Orchestra Car Washes

A car wash is a tried and true fundraising idea that works for most groups. You need to locate a business that will not only allow you to use their parking lot but also their water. The key is to make sure the business is located on a main road with a lot of traffic to help get people into the car wash. This fundraiser is ideal for hot summer days but the downfall is that it can’t be done in the winter months.

Selling Popcorn

Popcorn is another way to raise funds for your high school orchestra. The benefit of selling popcorn is it can be done all year round. The downside to selling popcorn is the fact that people can get the same popcorn in the grocery store for a $1 or two per box so selling it for $5 a box can be a tough sell. Try our proven high school orchestra fundraiser.

Christmas Wreath Fundraising

One of the best times of year for high school fundraisers is the winter holiday time. People are feeling very giving which means they are more interested in hearing your fundraiser pitch and buying your product. It also gives them the ability to purchase a quality item easily for a gift for their neighbor, a business they frequent, teachers, etc…

From wreaths to table centerpieces to live Christmas trees, our holiday fundraising programs offer a wide array of festive holiday evergreens.

It may sound like such a silly thing, but our wreath packaging can actually help sell a product again next year. You don’t want the packaging or how the items arrive to be hard for either your high school orchestra or your customers. Our innovative carton makes sure our wreaths are never crushed or damaged upon arrival.

High School Orchestra Craft Fair

Craft fairs can be a great way to raise funds. You can charge each crafter a table fee and also charge .50-$2 as an entrance fee for customers. The upside is the fact that you can raise a good amount of money from this event and it is an event that can be done year round. The downside is the fact that it takes a lot of man power, time and organization to get this fundraising event off the ground.

Fundraising Sales Aids

Does the company whose product you are selling offer any helpful items or sales aids? Professional photos work so well when it comes to selling! Mickman Brothers offer free sales aids as well as online tools to assist the fundraising leader for your high school fundraisers.

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