Creative Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Groups

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Hundreds of Non Profit groups nationwide including the Knights of Columbus, Elks Clubs, Rotary Clubs and more use our ‘Guaranteed to Succeed Fundraiser’ each year to finance the activities of their group.


I Hear Wreaths Are Messy, Is This True?

Our wreaths are packaged in a way that keeps them from being messy for your fundraiser and is easy for the customer to open. We have a method that allows for our wreaths to be easy to open, easy to remove from the packaging and easy to hang. This way there is no mess.

Reforestation Efforts

When you choose Mickman Brothers for your Christmas Wreath Fundraiser, not only are you choosing a fundraiser that will “maximize your earnings while minimizing your effort” – you are also supporting a program to assist in reforesting our country!

Knights of Columbus“ Our Organization, the Knights of Columbus Father McRedmond Council #3175, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is always looking for fun and enjoyable fundraisers in order to support the many various charities and events that we do each year. Last year after looking and talking with many of the companies that have various Christmas wreath type fundraisers we chose to go with Mickman Brothers because of their complete package gift program. Their staff was more then helpful with any questions and they provided everything needed to run the program successfully. With their Gift program all the items were shipped directly to our customers or to the person they purchased an item for. The items were all delivered without error and were of excellent quality and value for the money. All of our customers were extremely satisfied with their purchases.  This program ties in nicely with our National Keep Christ in Christmas program by sending Religious Christmas Cards. One table in the vestibule of the Church handled both programs nicely.  We also did a program where our parishioners could buy a wreath for Our Church St. Mary’s in Memory or in Honor of Loved ones and we were able to beautifully decorate our Church for Christmas at no expense to the Church. We strongly recommend this fundraiser to all Knights of Columbus organizations throughout the country.  ”— William Olka: Project Coordinator
Knights of Columbus Father McRedmond Council #3175
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Patented Packaging

It may seem like such a silly thing but packaging can sell a product again next year. You don’t want the packaging or how the items arrive to be hard for either your boy scouts or your customers. Our innovative carton makes sure wreaths are never crushed or damaged.

Fundraising Sales Aids

Does the company whose product you are selling offer any helpful items or sales aids? These can be a great way to sell the items because sales aids are usually professional and offer a great way to showcase the items you are selling. Professional photos work so well when it comes to selling! We offer free sales aids as well as online tools to assist the fundraising leader.

Christmas Is A Time Of Giving

We know Christmas is a time of giving and this is one of the many reasons why Christmas wreaths make the best fundraising items. Christmas décor is usually left up for anywhere from 3 – 10 weeks, thus making a Christmas wreath a good investment & easier to sell.

Other Wreath Fundraisers Only Offer One Or Two Products, What Do You Offer?

Need a creative fundraising idea for nonprofits? We have five different product lines which means more choices for your customers. The fact that we offer a larger amount of choices means you can reach a larger amount of customers, thus increasing the amount of funds you can earn.

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