Our Patented Shipping Carton

Essential to protect your Fresh Holiday Evergreens!

What makes our wreaths so special?

We make a lot of Wreaths and other Holiday Evergreen Decorations each year, but know that each one will help a family welcome home friends and family for the Holidays. During my weekly meetings with my Production Staff, I remind them, “Every Wreath will go on someone’s mother’s front door. If you wouldn’t put the Wreath you’re making on YOUR MOTHERS front door, put it aside and try again!”

During ‘The Wreath Season’, most of my time each day is spent on our Production Floor working with our talented staff members as they hand-craft each of our fresh evergreen decorations. I take pride in making our products the same way my Grandmother taught me 60 years ago – and my staff knows that I expect their best work each and every day.

Wreaths are like snowflakes; no two are alike. But each one arrives to our customers just as fresh, fluffy and beautiful as when we made it – because of our emphasis on quality production and due to the custom designed packaging we developed for each of the product categories.

John S. Mickman, Founder

Patented Packaging Plaque

Our Patented Wreath Shipping Carton

Our innovative carton allows our wreaths to hang freely, side by side, as they are stored and shipped. This unique design also increases the strength of the carton by more than 300% to minimize handling damage.

Other wreath companies either squish their wreaths with banding or ship their products stacked in boxes piled one atop the other. Packaged in this manner, the wreaths on the bottom of the box are flattened by the time they reach their destination.

Freezer Warehousing

While they are waiting to be shipped, our fresh Holiday Evergreen Products are stored in our own freezer warehouses so that every customer receives these fresh, aromatic evergreens in perfect condition.

Because we own these warehouses, we monitor and control the temperatures 24/7 – we can assure you, you’ll receive perfectly fresh Holiday Evergreens every time! Few, if any other, wreath companies can offer this type of quality assurance.