Sustainable Harvesting: The evergreens harvested for our Holiday Evergreen Decorations are done so in a sustainable manner. We are proud of the recognition shown to us by numerous governmental agencies over the years and continue to promote the sustainable evergreen harvesting techniques we developed with others in our industry.

Tree Planting Initiative: Beginning in 2007, Mickman Brothers began funding a tree planting project for every Holiday Gift Evergreen sold — Granting money to reforest with evergreen trees in National and State Forests and Parks. To date, more than 650,000 seedlings have been planted in 49 States.

The lists of gift recipients in honor of those that have had a tree planted in their name began back in 2008. Click on a year below to see those that have contributed to this effort:

Recognition & Planting

We have funded the planting of over 650,000 seedlings in 49 states in our nation’s forests.
Some plantings are done by hand, and some by machine.
Brother Chris working on a tree planting crew in Sand Dunes State Forest in Minnesota.
One of the hundreds of thousands of trees planted by Mickman Brothers. Grow, little guy, grow!

When I decided to use your company for our dance studio’s Christmas fundraiser, I’ll have to admit I was pretty nervous.

…I’m writing today to tell you that we were very pleased with what we received. The wreaths and sprays were just beautiful. We live in a very dry climate, so the greenery was nothing like what we are familiar with here.

We felt like we definitely got what we paid for. We are expecting to be able to sell even more next year now that our friends and relatives have seen your product. What a relief it was for me when the fundraiser worked out so well. My fears were all unwarranted! –Happy Holiday Wreath Fundraiser customer.