Scout Packs & Troops Christmas Wreath Fundraiser Programs

Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, and Sea Scout troops from across the nation rely on Mickman Brothers holiday evergreen fundraiser to support their activities. At Mickman Brothers, we dedicate ourselves to helping our customers “maximize their profit and minimize their effort” through a fun, successful experience.

To do so, we offer two simplified, proven programs:

You choose the best option for your troop. And yes—you can do both! Whatever you decide, our dedicated team will be there to provide support and guidance at every step.

Scout Troop Fundraising Success Stories

“It is September 1, 2013 and the high today in Phoenix is forecast to be 105 degrees. Not exactly the type of weather that evokes thoughts of Christmas. But members of Scout Troop 379—and our repeat customers—are already asking when we will begin taking orders for Christmas wreaths and decorations. Most Arizona residents either migrated here or have family ties to colder parts of the country. Having a Mickman Brothers wreath or centerpiece in the house for the holidays evokes childhood memories.

We aren’t just selling wreaths; we’re selling nostalgia and tradition.

Over the past several years, our Scouts have earned more than $15,000 to help defray the costs of summer camp in places like Seattle, Connecticut, and California; high-adventure trips to hike the Grand Canyon and canoe the Colorado River; and cover the costs of troop dues and other related expenses. This is one of the simplest and most successful fundraisers available. Troop 379 and Arizona love Mickman Brothers!”



“Our pack was one of the first packs to do the holiday fundraiser. Cub Scout Pack 419 loves the community impact of sharing the happiness of the season with the customers! We raised over $7000 this past year, and the fun, as well as the holiday and Christmas spirit, is evident in our picture with Santa in our Cub Scout uniforms!”


See what other satisfied, successful customers are saying about the Mickman fundraiser on our testimonials page.

Benefits of Mickman Brothers Scout Wreath Fundraising Program

Preselling Model Means NO RISK

Utilizing the two programs together—Traditional Program and Our Online Fundraiser at GiftItForward.com—will enable you to eliminate any risk to your Scout troop.

With the Traditional Program, your payment is not due until the conclusion of your fundraiser; you collect payments from your customers and then use the proceeds to pay for your order.

High Fundraising Profit Margins, Set by You
With Mickman Brothers Traditional Program, 100% of the profits you earn stay within your local Scout group! And, you choose the price you want to charge for each product. We recommend a profit of $6–$10+ per item, but YOU can choose the price(s) you feel will work best in your community for your local Scouts.

Premium, Handcrafted Products Provide Ease of Sale

Our beautiful holiday evergreens are easy to sell. Period. Your Scouts will be offering a high-value, handcrafted product that nearly every homeowner in the country would like to have on their front door, to help welcome home friends and family for the holidays. Almost everyone decorates their homes for the Holidays; why not have them support your Scout group while they are at it?!

Fundraising Sales Aids Provide Professional Assistance

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” When your members are offering our holiday evergreen products to their customers, they are using our FREE, premium-quality sales aids to assist them in making the sale, featuring Scout groups just like yours. We feel our sales aids and other brochures are the best in the industry, and we can deliver them to you digitally and/or physically by mail!

Patented Packaging Ensures Safe Shipping

We strive to make every handcrafted product as fresh and beautiful as possible, and we want them to arrive to you in the condition we both expect. The mantra we stress to all our employees is that each wreath they make is one they would be proud to display on their mother’s front door. To ensure that each one arrives just as fresh, fragrant, and fluffy as when we made it, we designed and patented a custom carton in which to store and transport your wreaths. Learn more about Mickman’s patented packaging.

Supporting Conservation & Reforestation Efforts

When we harvest evergreen boughs, we select only the newest growths of each tree and carefully clip just the ends of the branches. This allows the branch to regenerate new growth from which we can harvest again in 4-5 years. These sustainable harvesting techniques ensure that the forests from which the boughs are harvested remain healthy for generations to come.

Years ago, we also recognized that these forests provided our company and customers with a valuable resource. In 2007, John and Chris Mickman made a commitment to fund the planting of an evergreen tree for each Holiday Gift Product we sold. To date, Mickman Brothers has funded the planting of over 800,000 tree seedlings in 49 States.

When you choose Mickman for your Christmas Wreath Fundraiser, not only are you choosing a program that will “maximize your earnings while minimizing your effort”—you are also supporting a program to assist in reforesting our country!

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See what customers say about our Products.

more testimonials

Last October our Homer High School Mariner Co-Op Hockey team hit the ground running. Our hockey season is short, yet aggressive. We pack as many games as we can for the 4 months we get. Our biggest and best fundraiser has always been the beautiful Mickman wreaths and sprays. Some people will get pretty upset in our communit…

– Christie Hill, Fundraising Chair: Mariner Co-op Hockey Team Homer, AL

Thanks so much to Mickman Brothers Wreaths for providing such an amazing fundraiser opportunity to our High School dance team. We have had so many compliments on the beautiful wreaths and we have raised funds needed to attend nationals in California this year.

– Marie Goff., Columbia High Wild Pride Dance Team, Nampa, ID

The George Ranch High School Theatre Booster club participated in the Mickman Brothers wreath fundraiser for the first time last winter. Our theatre group is small but mighty! In its short four year existence our talented kids have been honored with numerous acting awards from the Houston theatre community, the University I…

– Jennifer May, President George Ranch H.S. Theater Boosters. Richmond, VA

Mickman Brothers helped our Scout Pack enjoy a 4 day 3 night camp trip to Cub World this year. I would also like to report that with the help of Mickman Brothers Fundraiser we were able to send 24 boys to camp this summer.

We have never tried to sell anything other than popcorn in the past to help support the pack and wo…

– Tiffany S., Cub Scout Pack 186