Christmas Wreaths by Mickman Brothers are a unique fund raiser for any organization! Boy Scouts, Non-Profit, High School Bands, High School Orchestras, and Youth Groups have all had wonderful success with our program.Business hours are from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday and are increased seasonally.

Mickman Brothers Inc.
14630 Hwy 65
Ham Lake, MN 55304

Fundraising Toll Free: 1-800-446-4229
Local Phone: 763-434-4047
Fax: 763-434-4611

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  • Minimize your Effort; Maximize your Profit!
    We want you to minimize Efforts and Maximize profit with Christmas Wreaths by Mickman Brothers Fundraising. We realize you are serving as a volunteer leader for your nonprofit organization. Our goal is to help you maximize the value of the time you and your members spend raising funds to support your activities. Follow the steps for our tried & proven fundraiser, and you will be successful!
    • Testimonials
  • Christmas Wreaths by Mickman Brothers believes that customer referrals are what has made us so successful over the years. Most of our new customers each year come to us as referrals from our existing customers! Most of these testimonials focus on our excellent customer service, highest quality products and the ease of raising funds with our Fundraising Programs. Click here to see what our customers have to say!

Restoration Efforts
In an effort to ‘Gift-it-Forward’ to future generations, we began a reforestation project in 2007 to plant evergreens in our nations public forests and parklands. To date, we have funded the planting of over 600,000 seedlings in 45 States!