Two Successful Fundraising Programs:

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How It Works!

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Step 2: Fill out your Fundraising Data Sheet (Gold button at the top of the page) where you will choose which program(s) to participate in and order your FREE supplies!

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Double your success.

We have two Fundraising Program options.
You get the power of both programs with Mickman Brothers.

Traditional Program

Traditional Program

Your members take orders
and personally deliver.

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  1. Members take orders

  2. Group Leader consolidates orders and submits orders to Mickman Brothers who then ‘bulk-ships’ products to the organization.

  3. Members deliver products to their customers and collect payments.


  • You set your profit margins
  • Lower prices for your customers
  • High profit margin
  • Valuable learning experience by doing a personal “ask”
  • Personal Fundraising Coach to enhance sales

Online Fundraiser

Traditional Program

Orders are placed online
and shipped direct to your customers.

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  1. Direct everyone to to shop for Holiday Evergreens using your FUNDRAISING CODE.

  2. Holiday Evergreen Gifts are delivered to gift recipients via FedEx with a personal Holiday Greeting message.

  3. You earn $8.00 for every Holiday Evergreen sold using your FUNDRAISING CODE.


  • Easy ordering for multiple recipients
  • Access to multiple customers via your social networking sites and email
  • Personal Fundraising Coach to enhance sales
  • Less effort: We make all the deliveries!