Three Fundraising Program Options:

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How It Works!

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Step 2: Fill out your Fundraising Data Sheet (Gold button at the top of the page) where you will choose which programs to participate in and order your FREE supplies!

Step 3: We mail you everything needed, and you can begin to sell! See more on our programs below

Our Traditional Fundraising Program

This Program is used by nearly all of our Fundraising Organizations. There are 4 easy steps for this program with multiple benefits:

  • (1) Members take orders
  • (2) Group Leader consolidates all sales and submits the orders to Mickman Brothers.
  • (3) Mickman Brothers ‘bulk-ships’ your products to a single, specific delivery address.
  • (4) Members deliver orders and collect payments.

The Holiday Gift Program (HGP)

Most of our Fundraising Organizations use the HGP in conjunction with the Traditional Program. Sales and profits will increase significantly when both Programs are used.

  • Your customer completes a Holiday Gift Order Form, writes their personal message on the greeting card and makes payment for the gift at the time of ordering.
  • Order Forms and customer payments are turned in to the Group Leader who then submits all the Holiday Gift Forms with the worksheet and one total payment to Mickman Brothers.
  • Mickman Brothers processes the orders and sends the Holiday Gifts via FedEx directly to the recipients between Thanksgiving week and December 8th.
  • Mickman Brothers funds the planting of trees in honor of the gift recipients. Visit,

Benefits of the Holiday Gift Program (HGP)

  • Your members sell even more products. Your customers will make a purchase for their home AND purchase another product as a Holiday Gift for an out-of-town friend or relative.
  • There is less work for your members because FedEx delivers the products – not them!
  • The handwritten Greeting Card message lets your customer send their holiday wishes in a very personal manner.
  • Our Holiday Gift Products are an excellent value compared to other mail order products offered on the internet, catalogs or periodicals.
  • A tree is planted in honor of the Holiday Gift recipient.

The Gift-it-Forward Program

This online fundraiser at is a completely ‘no contact’ fundraising opportunity. Through personal sales requests and social media opportunities, people are invited to Gift-it-Forward by making a purchase to support your group. For each item purchased, $8.00 in profits is earned by your organization.

Other than making the initial sale, there is nothing you or your members need to do to take advantage of the Gift-it-Forward Fundraising Program. Mickman Brothers does all the work and sends your profits to you at the conclusion of the Fundraiser.