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“I raised over $1,000 for my school’s fundraiser all by myself!”

— Student: Apex Highschool
Cary, North Carolina


Troop 88

“SUMMER FUN in San Diego and CHRISTMAS WREATHS wouldn’t normally be found in the same paragraph, but our experience fundraising with Mickman’s Wreaths has made it happen.

This was our FIRST YEAR selling Christmas wreaths for our boy scout troop in Arizona. We wanted to pick a reputable company that would maximize money coming in to our fundraiser. Mickman came in #1 as our choice. They had the best reviews online and spelled everything out in detail with a timeline, prices, selling tips, sample wreath, and a spreadsheet. Love the spreadsheet!
It itemized earnings per item per boy of what was sold. This made it easy for us, because whatever earnings each boy sold, he got to keep to use for his summer camp. (Tell you more about that soon.)

Both representatives that I talked to (SUSAN AND CAROL) were so nice and helpful. Everything went off without a problem. Wreaths came in and were distributed. Ok, there was one problem . . . . . When other people saw how awesome the wreaths, living trees, and candle centerpieces were as we were delivering to those who ordered them, they wanted some too. We had a few extras, but we could have sold more. We know we are going to have a bigger and better year coming up.

BACK TO SUMMER CAMP . . . . Yes, the boys used the money they earned toward Camp Fiesta Boy Scout Camp in San Diego the first week of July. They had unforgettable experiences, such as swimming in the ocean, learning to kayak, run a motorboat, sail a small sailboat, to learning about ocean life. They even got to hold a jellyfish (non-poisonous of course). Because their camp was so close to Sea World, they took a day trip there and were dazzled with fireworks every night from camp. The most amazing fireworks they saw was on our nation’s birthday. Multiple light displays across the bays lit up the sky. What a great way to CELEBRATE!

THANK YOU MICKMAN for a successful fundraiser! Can’t wait to do it all over again this year.”

— Laurie L.
AZ Grand Canyon Council Boy Scout Troop 88

Wild Pride Dance Team

“Thanks so much to Mickman Brothers Wreaths for providing such an amazing fundraiser opportunity to our High School dance team. We have had so many compliments on the beautiful wreaths and we have raised funds needed to attend nationals in California this year.”


— Marie Goff
Columbia High Wild Pride Dance Team
Nampa, Idaho

Troop 70“Boy Scout Troop 70 is based in Lewisburg, West Virginia and incorporates international travel as an important part of its activity program. This helps keep the older Scouts active in the Troop and provides them with the opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures, develop self confidence, and better understand and appreciate their own country.  In the summer of 2015, twelve Scouts and three leaders spent three weeks in the Netherlands and visited the Rijks Museum of Art and the Ann Frank House in Amsterdam, traveled to The Hague, attended an international scout jamboree with over 40 countries represented, and explored the area around Maastricht by bike.  We visited the World War II fort at Eben Emael in Belgium which protected several bridges over the River Meuse and paid our respects to the 15,000 soldiers buried at the American Cemetery in Margraten.  That was a very sobering experience because the Scouts realized that many of the soldiers buried there were only a few years older than themselves.

In order to pay for the trip, all the Scouts actively participated in the Mickman Christmas wreath fundraiser and by planning ahead for several years, several of the Scouts were able to pay for the entire cost of the trip.  Over the years, Mickman Christmas wreaths have made it possible for Troop 70 to visit Japan, Iceland, Germany, England, and the Netherlands and these trips have helped dozens of Scouts become productive members of their communities.”— Cliff Baker, Scoutmaster: Troop 70
Lewisburg, West Virginia

George Ranch Highschool Theater

“The George Ranch High School Theatre Booster club participated in the Mickman Brothers wreath fundraiser for the first time last winter. Our theatre group is small but mighty! In its short four year existence our talented kids have been honored with numerous acting awards from the Houston theatre community, the University Interscholastic League, and from our home state of Texas. The Mickman Brothers wreath fundraiser was a huge success and we raised over $1,000! That money allowed the theatre booster club to award two $500 college scholarships to two very deserving senior theatre students. We are so thrilled with your fundraiser that we are participating again this year and will be putting the money raised towards our trip next summer to Scotland! The George Ranch High School theatre group is one of only 50 high schools in the nation that are invited to perform at the American High School Theatre Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland in Summer 2015.

We are so excited about all the blessings that our theatre group has had and so grateful for the opportunities that the Mickman Brothers fundraisers have brought us. Thank you so much!”

— Jennifer May, President:
George Ranch High School Theatre Boosters
Richmond, Texas

Troop 7176

“Our troop has been raising money for a large trip. This fundraiser is great because people like to buy something they can use. This was our second year and the girls found they had easy sales from repeat customers then could work to get new customers. We had less girls in the troop selling but still raised the same as last year! That was an easy fundraiser! ”


— Heatherlyn
Troop 7176

Pack 186

“Mickman Brothers helped our Scout Pack enjoy a 4 day 3 night camp trip to Cub World this year. I would also like to report that with the help of Mickman Brothers Fundraiser we were able to send 24 boys to camp this summer.

We have never tried to sell anything other than popcorn in the past to help support the pack and would have to pass the cost of camp onto the parents each year leaving only a few of our boys attending a camp that cost over $160 per boy to attend. In the summer of 2014, I was looking for something new and exciting to try to sell so I called and spoke with a very sweet young lady and explained that I was new to everything and she walked me through every step.

We sold our first set of wreaths and were so excited to see the product when it came in. I am always worried about ordering new things and not seeing the product in person first but I was happily surprised when they came in. As we were delivering the wreaths we had people letting us know that they will be ordering again this year.

This was a great fundraiser for our boys and the products were so beautiful! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mickman Brothers, for helping to supports the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts!”

— Tiffany S.
Cub Scout Pack 186

Homer Hockey“Last October our Homer High School Mariner Co-Op Hockey team hit the ground running. Our hockey season is short, yet aggressive. We pack as many games as we can for the 4 months we get. Our biggest and best fundraiser has always been the beautiful Mickman wreaths and sprays. Some people will get pretty upset in our community if we don’t remember to stop by for them to purchase one or a few. We only have two weeks to sell them, so it’s a very quick fundraiser. With only having around 25-28 teens on the team, they pull together quite well to sell them. Last year we raked in almost $16,000 in that super short amount of time, that’s pretty impressive for our small town of less than 5000.

Nearly every business around town had a wonderfully scented wreath or spray hanging on or near their doors. Our kids just love getting out into the community, introducing themselves as hockey players and getting the support from businesses and friends. They are just as excited this year to have this opportunity to sell the wreaths again. Thanks again Mickman for the amazing selections!!!”— Christie Hill, Fundraising Chair:
Mariner Co-Op Hockey Team
Homer, Alaska

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