• Patented Packaging for your Holiday Fundraisers. See how Mickman Brothers holiday fundraisers packaging keeps your wreaths fresh and fluffy for your Holiday Fundraisers.

Patented Packaging

Mickman Brothers continually strives for
Quality and Innovation.

Many years ago, our father stored and shipped decorated wreaths on 2 x 2 poles. In this way, no wreath supported the weight of another, and the wreaths were never crushed or damaged.

The tradition continues with our innovative, patented shipping carton. This carton was designed to ensure our products arrive to our customers as fresh & full as when we handcrafted them in Minnesota.

Our Patented Wreath Shipping Carton

patpackageplaqueThis innovative carton allows our wreaths to hang freely, side by side, as they are stored and shipped. The unique design increases the strength of the carton by more than 300 percent to minimize handling damage.

We’re proud to maintain the quality standards established by our father many years ago, while we provide the handling convenience of a packaged product that our customers appreciate.

Other wreath companies…
either squish their wreaths with banding or ship their products stacked in boxes piled one atop the other. Packaged in this manner, the wreaths on the bottom of the box are flattened by the time they reach their destination.