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We have two Fundraising Program options.
You get the power of both programs with Mickman Brothers.

How it works.

Traditional Program

Traditional Program

Your members take orders
and personally deliver.

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  1. Members take orders

  2. Group Leader consolidates orders and submits orders to Mickman Brothers who then ‘bulk-ships’ products to the organization.

  3. Members deliver products to their customers and collect payments.


  • You set your profit margins
  • Lower prices for your customers
  • High profit margin
  • Valuable learning experience by doing a personal “ask”
  • Personal Fundraising Coach to enhance sales

Online Fundraiser

Traditional Program

Orders are placed online
and shipped direct to your customers.

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  1. Direct everyone to to shop for Holiday Evergreens using your fundraising COUPON CODE.

  2. Holiday Evergreen Gifts are delivered to gift recipients via FedEx with a personal Holiday Greeting message.

  3. You earn $8.00 for every Holiday Evergreen sold using your COUPON CODE.


  • Easy ordering for multiple recipients
  • Access to multiple customers via your social networking sites and email
  • Personal Fundraising Coach to enhance sales
  • Less effort: We make all the deliveries!

Risk involved


Percent of people put up a wreath


Profit per item sold


Pounds not gained by doing a food fundraiser 🙂


Zero trees are cut down with this sustainable fundraiser


Seedlings planted

People love our products and WANT to buy them each year

Mickman Wreaths

Profits add up fast
You set your own prices and make $8-10 per product

Easy to sell products

Your family and friends all decorate for the holidays

Free sales tools & forms

Easy to use forms provided for each of your members

Program Benefits

Who can benefit from
these programs?

If your organization needs to raise money, then our Christmas Wreath Fundraiser is for you!

  • Schools
  • Scout Units
  • Youth Sports Teams
  • School Bands
  • Church Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • 4-H Clubs
  • Rotary Clubs

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Bands Schools Dance Studios Rotary Clubs Scouts Churches

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Mickman Group

Our ‘hands-on’ team ensures professional care of your fundraiser from start to finish.

Organizations like yours, nationwide, have taken advantage of our Fundraising Programs for generations to sustain their “tomorrows”. Let’s work together to make your fundraiser the most successful fundraiser your group has ever conducted!

Don’t delay. Get started today. We are committed to your success!

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Successful Chairpersons' Testimonials

  • “This is a fabulous Fundraising Opportunity… quality, products and service. We would recommend you to everyone looking for unique opportunities to fund that special group trip! Thanks again!”
    — Kim, Missouri
  • “The local Boy Scout Troop sells your Christmas products as their holiday fundraiser. I just wanted you to know how absolutely beautiful the wreath and centerpiece are that I recieved. Your staff did a wonderful job assembling them. It was apparent that great care and consideration were used assembling them. My compliments to you and your staff.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year.”
    — Jean Dupré, Pine Stone Company Inc.
  • “It has been a pleasure working with Mickman Brothers for the past 18 years for the 5 different organizations I’ve been involved with. Keep up the good work.”
    — Dave, Maryland
  • “We have received the greatest compliments on the products we got from you! Merry Christmas to you all.”
    — Cathy M., Troop 79 PA, Pennsylvania
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