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The Victorian wreath is just one of our exciting products.

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The Million Tree Planting Program

Since 2007, our ‘Million Tree Planting Program’ has funded the planting of over 800,000 tree seedlings in state and national forests across 49 states. Funded by the proceeds of our Online Fundraiser at, these annual plantings are made possible thanks to our host of non-profit organizations with whom we work each year.

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Fundraising Success!

Thousands of groups nationwide rely on our Fundraiser to support their activities each year.

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Working with non-profit organizations nationwide to help support the activities of their members.


Mickman Brothers works with schools, churches, Scouts, sports teams and a variety of other nonprofit, volunteer organizations throughout the nation. For most of these groups, our Christmas Wreath Fundraising Program raises enough money to support their activities for the entire year. Some of the reasons for this success include:

  • No risk: All products are paid for at the end of the fundraiser, eliminating all financial risk for the organization.
  • Comprehensive fundraising program: Our two comprehensive Fundraising Programs are unmatched in the fundraising industry, providing a high profits and all the support you need for success.
  • Easy-to-sell products: Our holiday evergreens fundraising products offer popular items that most households use to decorate for each Holiday Season.
  • FREE sales brochures and supplies: Year after year, our exclusive sales brochures have proven to be the finest in the industry. Sales Aids, Posters, Door Hangers and ‘guide manuals’ make it easy for your members and you to achieve success.
  • Personal customer support: Each group’s volunteer Fundraising Leader is assigned to one of our professional Fundraising Coaches to assist them throughout the fundraiser. WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, and we pledge to do all we can to support your efforts.


We designed our Christmas Wreath Fundraising Programs to maximize the value of the time and effort you and your volunteer members spend raising funds. The organized processes we have established ensures our “Guaranteed to Succeed” fundraiser will be an effective, worthwhile venture for your organization.


“I raised over $1,000 for my school’s fundraiser all by myself!”— Student, Apex Highshool
Cary, North Carolina

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Our full selection of Holiday Evergreens includes only bestsellers — Holiday Decorations that most families purchase each Holiday Season to decorate their homes for the Holidays: Christmas wreaths, evergreen door sprays, and garlands for outside homes and offices, as well as centerpieces and live tabletop Christmas Trees for decorating inside.

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Successful Chairpersons' Testimonials

  • “Hello,
    A merry Christmas to you all too. It was a pleasure to work with your company in our fundraising efforts. I was very pleased with everything from the informational packets to the end. Never has it been so easy!!! Thank you again.
    Thanks again for everything!”
    — Dixie M., Dance Team, Eau Claire, WI
  • “It has been a pleasure working with Mickman Brothers for the past 18 years for the 5 different organizations I’ve been involved with. Keep up the good work.”
    — Dave, Maryland
  • “This is the simplest fundraiser to sell! Quality product and very satisfied customers bring people back year after year to order again and again. It is as simple as that. Most of our customers come to us to place their order early, that is how well liked the product is in this area. The profits help defray costs for the individuals on our competitive team for uniforms, gymnastic meet expenses, equipment and supplies.”
    — Emerald City Gymnastics Team
  • “This was our FIRST YEAR selling Christmas wreaths for our boy scout troop and we wanted to pick a reputable company that would maximize money coming in to our fundraiser. Mickman came in #1 as our choice.

    Ok, there was one problem though . . . . . When other people saw how awesome the wreaths, living trees, and candle centerpieces were as we were delivering to those who ordered them, they wanted some too.

    THANK YOU MICKMAN for a successful fundraiser! Can't wait to do it all over again this year.”
    — Laurie L., AZ Grand Canyon Council Boy Scout Troop 88
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