Church Fundraising Ideas

A great way to celebrate the season


Hundreds of Church Groups nationwide use our ‘Guaranteed to Succeed Fundraiser’ each year to finance the activities of their churches. Our Christmas fundraiser is a proven success.


Assemble A Good Church Fundraising Team

Gather a few like-minded, passionate people to be your fundraising team for your Church. This team will assemble to help choose the fundraiser, set up ways to market the fundraiser and will also help sort product to get things going. This group will work best if your main team is small. While the more minds, the more ideas, you also get more opinions that can make moving forward difficult. Concentrate the main decisions with just a small group.

The Right Fundraiser for Your Church

Looking for Church fundraising ideas? When choosing a Christmas fundraiser make sure to look at things such as ease of sale, cost of product verses the income of the people you are selling to, the amount of profit your church will receive and packaging. These four things will mean the success or failure of your Christmas fundraiser. By choosing an item or line of items that are easy to sell, within a price range that the average person can afford and packaged correctly for easy sorting and delivery, you are setting your fundraising team up for success!

United Methodist Church“ We’ve used your fundraising program for 5+ years and we have many satisfied customers that reorder every year. We’ve only had one issue with an unsatisfactory product in all the years we’ve worked with your program.

We use the proceeds of this fundraiser to benefit our Community Utility Fund, which is used to help people (mainly Seniors) keep their power from being shut off. We can always count on making a profit of at least $1500, which keeps the lights on for a dozen or more people/families who might otherwise be left in a cold (or stifling) and dark home.”— First United Methodist Church of Lafayette
John Adams Middle School Band Boosters
Lafayette, Colorado

Patented Packaging

It may seem like such a silly thing but packaging can sell a product again next year. You don’t want the packaging or how the items arrive to be hard for either your group or your customers. Our innovative carton makes sure wreaths are never crushed or damaged.

Church Fundraising Sales Aids

Does the company whose product you are selling offer any helpful items or sales aids? These can be a great way to sell the items because sales aids are usually professional and offer a great way to showcase the items you are selling. Professional photos work so well when it comes to selling! We offer free sales aids as well as online tools to assist the fundraising leader in your Christmas fundraiser efforts.

Set Your Church Fundraiser Goals

Depending on how much you are trying to raise you may need to divide your fundraising efforts between two of three different avenues. Figure out what your goal is for this fundraiser, how much do you need to raise? Break that down to see how many of the items you will need to sell to reach that goal. Make sure this information is not only part of your sales pitch, but also make sure to share the sales as the fundraiser is happening with people. This information gets buyers excited and this helps them not only purchase from your fundraiser, it also makes them want to share the information with others. Word of mouth is always a good thing!

Motivate Your Church Fundraising Team

Motivation is a driving force behind anything being successful and fundraising is no different. Make sure your team, both your main team and everyone working for the fundraiser, feel motivated. Prizes are a great way to get people out there selling. You can offer physical items as prizes or you can always offer things like services or other benefits that will get your fundraising team excited. Remember the more excited they are, the more they will share this excited with others!

Still looking for help with Church Christmas fundraising ideas or need help getting your church fundraiser off the ground? Don’t hesitate to take a look around our site and then contact us. We can help you make sure your church fundraiser is not only successful, but also a fundraiser you will want to have year after year!

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