Christmas Wreath Fundraising Ideas for Churches, Youth Groups, and Parishes

Hundreds of church groups nationwide use our “Guaranteed to Succeed Fundraiser” each year to finance the activities of their churches. Our Christmas Fundraiser is a proven success, and the proof grows stronger every year.

With Mickman Brothers, you get the power of two programs:

Choose one, or both! Whatever suits the needs of you and your church group, our team will be there every step of the way to help maximize your profit and minimize your effort.


Tips and Ideas for a Successful Church Fundraiser

Assemble a Fundraising 'Team'

Form a Fundraising Committee of motivated parishioners to work with you to drive the success of your Fundraiser. "Many hands makes light work' - and with a committee of 3 - 4 members, it'll be easier to message out to your congregation.

Enlist the Support of Your Pastor

Meet with your Pastor to request they mention your fundraiser to the congregation. Your Christmas Wreath Fundraiser can also be mentioned in your weekly church bulletin, both in paper and electronic forms. 

A Captivated Audience

Many congregations have fellowship gatherings after services. Use these gatherings to promote your Christmas Wreath Fundraiser using out FREE Sales Brochures and/or a 'Promo' wreath to help spread the word!

Ease of Distribution

For church congregations using the Traditional Program, your fellow parishioners can pick up their orders after church services on a selected Sunday making delivery a breeze!

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SUMMER FUN in San Diego and CHRISTMAS WREATHS wouldn’t normally be found in the same paragraph, but our experience fundraising with Mickman’s Wreaths has made it happen.

This was our FIRST YEAR selling Christmas wreaths for our boy scout troop in Arizona. We wanted to pick a reputable company that would maximize money co…

– Laurie L., AZ Grand Canyon Council Boy Scout Troop 88

A merry Christmas to you all too. It was a pleasure to work with your company in our fundraising efforts. I was very pleased with everything from the informational packets to the end. Never has it been so easy!!! Thank you again.
Thanks again for everything!”

– Dixie M., Dance Team, Eau Claire, WI

Last October our Homer High School Mariner Co-Op Hockey team hit the ground running. Our hockey season is short, yet aggressive. We pack as many games as we can for the 4 months we get. Our biggest and best fundraiser has always been the beautiful Mickman wreaths and sprays. Some people will get pretty upset in our communit…

– Christie Hill, Fundraising Chair: Mariner Co-op Hockey Team Homer, AL

Thanks so much to Mickman Brothers Wreaths for providing such an amazing fundraiser opportunity to our High School dance team. We have had so many compliments on the beautiful wreaths and we have raised funds needed to attend nationals in California this year.

– Marie Goff., Columbia High Wild Pride Dance Team, Nampa, ID