Sustainable Solutions
for Generations to Come

A large step in creating a smaller footprint

LED Lighting

With Mickman Brothers recent expansion (Spring of 2016) our buildings were fitted with the latest LED technology for every light in the building. The soft, white LED lighting is extremely energy efficient and long lasting. LED lighting contains no mercury or other hazardous material, so it was a no brainer for a green industry company like Mickman Brothers to adapt this new light technology for its entire space.

Permeable Pavers

A fantastic sustainable landscaping building block feature, permeable pavers can be used in place of regular pavers for your patios, walkways and more. These porous, block surface catches rain and runoff, storing it in a reservoir and/or allowing it to slowly permeate the soil below. This reduces pollutants and runoff waste, harnessing more usable water. This also helps maintain our stormwater systems and reduces the stress and impact on those systems as well as streams and wetland or lake environments if close by.

Water Sense Irrigation Partnership

Mickman Brothers makes sense of water with WaterSense! As a proud partner of EPA’s Water Sense program, Mickman Brothers provides the latest, most efficient water saving technology to all it’s Irrigation clients, helping save tens of millions of gallons of water annually.

In addition, every building on the Mickman Brothers campus is equipped with EPA Water Sense components including no-water flushing restroom features.

Locally Grown Plant Material

Mickman Brothers Garden Center grows tens of thousands of annuals and other plant material each year for all of our customers and service departments such as Landscaping. This means less transportation pollution, maintenance electricity, plastic pots, and more, from grower’s grounds to customer’s hands.

Growing and shopping local also keeps thousands of dollars in our local community and economy that otherwise would have left or not existed due to big box stores or product flown/trucked in. Locally grown plants also contribute to better air quality, less air pollution, and overall energy cuts and health benefit increases!

Pollinator Plants

Pollination is mutually beneficial to plants and pollinators; that’s why Mickman Brothers is a big believer and carrier in pollinator plants grown with organic practices. Pollinator Plants are essential to our eco-system as a whole and support bio-diversity. More/better pollinators equals a healthier environment! Pollinator plants are popular in our garden center retail purchases and as new plant material in our new Landscaping Department Installs.

Reforestation Initiative

Mickman Brothers reforestation initiative, titled, ‘Sustainable Solutions’ was started in 2007 with the goal of planting over 1 million trees in all 50 states. Every year Mickman Brothers funds the planting of thousands of evergreen tree seedlings to help increase the tree canopy in our nations forests. Sharing Earth’s natural gifts with others is our motto, and to date (2019) Mickman Brothers has funded the planting of over 800,000 seedlings in 49 states with no plans of slowing down! Every direct shipped gift purchased through one of our fundraising groups or one of our online stores, comes with the planting of an evergreen seedling in the name and honor of the recipient. If you have had a gift purchased for you since 2007, you can check where your seedling is at the website –