Built to Protect.
Built to Last.

Retention and Support for your Landscapes

Retaining walls define and protect a space, they can also serve as a feature to make a slope – a usable space. Proper engineering and installation is key to a landscape retaining wall structure. They can be decorative and/or functional and Mickman Brothers retaining wall specialists will make sure your design is properly installed for you to enjoy gardens, patios, terraces, and protection for years to come.

Curved or geometric form, stone, boulder, or brick composition, and a variety of earthy colors await your retaining wall requests. Replace old timber retaining walls that are rotting away, unsightly or just plain need a refresh. Choose from a variety of natural or manufactured options for your retaining wall plans. The opportunities are endless and can be customized to your personal taste and home’s needs.

Define your garden beds, protect your shorelines and sloped surfaces, raise up your paver patios, and provide a background for an eye-catching feature.

  • Boulder, Stone, Brick Retaining Walls
  • Garden Beds
  • Shoreline Enhancements
  • Paver Patios
  • Pool Barriers
  • Structural Support
  • Definitive Spaces
  • Customization