Protect and Enhance
Your Valuable Landscape

A properly engineered design is key

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Static water pressure, friction loss, water velocity, zoning are all important factors when engineering an irrigation system. When properly designed, every sprinkler head and emitter will have the pressure necessary for proper performance.


Skillful installation is the hallmark of your Irrigation System

Residential irrigation systems have thousands of feet of control wire and pipe, dozens of sprinkler heads and valves and hundreds of pipe fittings – all buried and susceptible to the ravages time and our harsh winters. Correctly installed by Mickman Brothers, your irrigation system will provide decades of trouble free operation by each component.

Annual System Care

Minnesota’s weather dictates timely seasonal maintenance

At Mickman Brothers, our full time Service Coordinator schedules appointments which are convenient for our clients. Some highlights of our Service Department include:

  • Annual Maintenance Program options
  • Prompt, timely scheduling (763-434-1487)
  • Trained and Certified Irrigation Technicians
  • Value added servicing for pin-point arc adjustments, head heights and component moves as landscape plants grow.
  • Product upgrades as water saving technologies evolve

Your Landscape Irrigation System

For most of us, an automatic Landscape Irrigation System is not the ‘end result’. It is the means to the end of having a lush, green lawn & landscape that looks great from Spring to Fall. An irrigation system that works 100% of the time – without having to work at it. Or wonder if it is working properly. With Mickman Brothers, you are assured that your system will be the best it can be – every cycle, all season long!

The Mickman Brothers Team

Over the decades, we have recruited, trained and retained the finest irrigation career professionals in the Twin Cities. Each of our Irrigation Professionals is dedicated to design, install and maintain our client’s systems as if it were their own. We take great pride in our work and in the craft of irrigation. This is what we do!


Since 1975, Mickman Brothers has provided irrigation services throughout central Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. For more information, please call 763.413.3000.